What is a MKV file & how to open it?

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An MKV file is a multimedia file that can be created, edited, and played using different versions of the free, open-source Matroska project. An MKV file can be visual media like video or audio, or text but may also contain multiple tracks or streams of media.

Typically movies, documentaries that you download will be stored in this format. The MKV file format is pretty standard like the other video file formats like AVI & MP4.

MKV files are what we know as “Matroska” files, and they are a media container file that contains video, audio, subtitles and other multimedia data. These MKV files have initially been from a Russian website that started it all. The name for this type of file was MKV “Matroska”, a Russian adjective meaning “virgin”.

If you’ve ever downloaded a movie from any torrent site, then the chances are that you’ve come across this file type before. If you have used Handbrake for ripping your DVDs to your PC, then you have probably come across an MKV file as a source.

Perhaps a friend has sent you a film clip in this format, or if you have seen an HD film on YouTube and wondered what codec was being used to allow the video to be so big.

The MKV file extension also permits several audio tracks and subtitle tracks, which is why it’s often used for HD videos.

Here is an MKV file playing on VLC player on macOS

How to open an MKV file?

Most media players on Windows, Mac and Linux support the file format by default. Some common programs like –

  • VLC Player – Vlc media player for Windows and Linux users. It has cross-platform support and is very lightweight and feature-rich.
  • QuickTime Player – Available on macOS, this media player can play MKV files.
  • Windows Media Player – The Windows Media Player is the inbuilt media player for Windows. It can play an MKV video file.

Can MKV file play on windows media player?

Yes, Windows Media Player is compatible with the MKV file format. You can play MKV files in Windows Media Player with or without any additional codecs.

Can you convert MKV to MP4?

Yes, it is possible to convert an MKV format video file to an mp4 video file. You can use handbrake.fr or any online video converter website.

Handbrake.fr supports all major operating systems, so anyone with MAC, Windows or Linux systems can use it.

Can you import MKV to iMovie?

No, you cannot directly import MKV files to iMovie. You will need to convert the video file from MKV codec to iMovie supported formats such as MOV, MP4 or AVI to import that file.

Which is the best MKV player?

The VLC media player offers multi-system support, supports many video formats, including MKV file format, and receives regular updates.

Can you play an MKV file on your TV?

There are apps like VLC media player available for most popular TV platforms, making it possible to play MKV video files on TV.

What is a mkv file & how to open it?
Article Name
What is a mkv file & how to open it?
MKV is an open standard free format for storing video files, widely used in the digital video broadcasting industry.

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