How to renew your Spotify student discount?


Spotify like most of the other music streaming services offers special discounts for Students but they sadly don’t offer any military discount. Students who are in colleges and universities can get cool discounts from Spotify while they are still in college and enjoy the benefits only when they are in college. Not only Spotify but many other companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft offer discounts to students on their various products. Did you know Starbucks partners get free Spotify premium?

If you are a student from the US, then you can get the best deal for a student discount from Spotify compared to any other country in the world, for just 4.99$ a month you will get Spotify premium and also bundled access to Hulu ad-supported plan and SHOWTIME. This is the best deal you can get and for students outside of the US can only get access to Spotify premium plan when they signup for the special student discount pricing.

Spotify verifies you as a student by verifying your college or university id, which you have to upload a picture of, in order to avail the student discount and your verification will be valid for a year from the date you get verified. If after a year you want to get the student discount again, then you will have to reverify again by uploading a picture of your college id and then after they have verified you will be eligible for the student discount again.

How to renew Spotify student discount?

Spotify usually sends you an email that your student discount is about to run out and reminds you to reapply in time so that you don’t get charged the normal rate rather than the student discount rate. You can easily view the day on which your student discount runs out by going to the Spotify website and then to your Account dashboard from the top right corner. Then scroll down a little bit and you will see the section ‘Get Premium for Students‘ and the date till which your discount lasts will be mentioned under it.


You can check the date from here and be aware of the day when your discount runs out, so you can set a reminder and extend your discount for another year. You will receive an email from Spotify and inside the email, you will see an option to ‘Extend Discount‘. You will have to click on that button and the Spotify payment page will open up, make sure you are logged in to your account and then just reverify your college information and follow the on-screen instructions and then you will be able to get your Spotify student discount again.

How long does Spotify student discount last?

Spotify student discount lasts for one year, the day you get verified and the special pricing is activated for you, till the same day next year. Also, see how to find friends on Spotify without Facebook.

How to renew your Spotify student discount?
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How to renew your Spotify student discount?
How to reverify your Spotify student status? How to renew Spotify student discount? How to get Spotify at a cheaper rate for a student? learn here

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