How to solve csrf token invalid in Spotify?

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Facing the ‘Csrf token invalid‘ or ‘the csrf token is invalid. please try to resubmit the form.’ error in Spotify? Many others are also are but don’t worry, its not a major issue and can be easily solved. This error typically appears when you try to update your payment method on the Spotify website and after you press submit, you see this error “The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form.” We can solve this error in the following ways –

Use Incognito mode

Using Incognito mode solves this problem almost all of the time. When you open incognito mode, it opens up a completely different environment inside your browser, where none of the websites you are logged in the browser is logged in and none of your cookies and cache is stored or is any of the older cookies available to websites. So to websites, you are a completely new visitor and you can now login into Spotify in this incognito window and then try updating your payment information.

Ways in which you can start using incognito mode in different top browsers are mentioned later in the article.

Clear Cookies

Clearing browser cookies a lot of times surely helps solve the csrf token invalid error if incognito mode did not work for you. But you should be aware that clearing cookies will log you out from all websites that you have logged into from that browser. So make sure to backup any passwords or logins which otherwise will be lost when you clear your cookies.

After you are done clearing your cookies, you can now try logging in into Spotify and try to update your payment information and see if it successfully updates or not. Ways in which you can clear cookies in different top browsers are mentioned below.

Google Chrome

  • At the top right corner of your browser you will see a three dots menu, click that and a list of options will open up, inside those options click on the New Incognito window one and your incognito window will open up or alternatively with the browser open you can just press the keys CTRL+SHIFT+N and an incognito window will open up.


  • In order to clear cookies in Google Chrome, open settings from the same three dots menu from the top right corner and in the settings page scroll down to the ‘Privacy and security’ section. Under that section, you will see an option as ‘Clear browsing data’, click on that and another small window will open up


Mozilla Firefox

  • With Firefox its also the same you could either press the keys CTRL+SHIFT+P together to pop open an incognito window, or press the hamburger menu icon at top right corner and then click on ‘New Private Window’ from the list of options that appear.


  • Similarly from the top right corner hamburger menu, click on the ‘Options’ option from the list and this will open the settings page of Firefox. From the left pane select, ‘Privacy & Security’


Opera Mini

  • In Opera Mini, you can also use the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N, to open an incognito window or go to the top left corner of the browser and click on the ‘menu’ button and from the options click on the ‘New private window’ option.


  • Go to your Opera settings by pressing ALT+P together or similarly open option from the top left menu and then select ‘Settings’ from there. THen the settings page will open up, expand the ‘Advanced’ settings and under that click on the ‘Privacy & Security’ option, then from the options click on ‘Clear browsing data’. Then in the sub-window make sure to select the cookies option and then click on clear data.


Microsoft Edge

  • You can open a private or incognito window in Microsoft edge by using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+P or just go to the top left corner of the browser and from the three dots menu, click on the ‘New inPrivate Window’ option and an incognito window will open up.


  • In order to clear cookies in Edge browser, first, open the ‘Settings’ menu from the options from the three dots icon at the top right corner. Then select Privacy & Security from the options in the left pane and then click on ‘Choose what to clear’ and then don’t forget to tick ‘Cookies and saved website data’ and tick all the other things that you want to clear and the click on the ‘Clear’ button.


Internet Explorer

  • In Internet Explorer, you can open private window by using the short cut CTRL+SHIFT+P, similar to the other browsers.
  • To clear cookies inside Internet Explorer, first, click on the Settings icon at the top right corner and then select ‘Internet options’ from the list.
  • Then inside the sub-window, the under the section ‘Browsing history’ select ‘Delete’ and then another sub-window will open up.
  • Select all the stuff that you want to delete and also select the ‘Cookies and website data’ option and then click on the delete button below. And done your cookies will be cleared.



How to solve csrf token invalid in Spotify?
Article Name
How to solve csrf token invalid in Spotify?
Facing csrf token invalid Spotify? Here is the solution for it.

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