How to Write Catchy Instagram Captions?


Running your business on Instagram? Well, that’s a great idea as Instagram is one of the best social media platforms available on the web. And if you are a business owner, you simply can’t ignore this platform. Statistically, it’s the most rapidly growing social platform that boasts over a billion monthly users.


Experts consider that online advertising is mostly about images. This is where the quality of your content is of utmost importance. Moreover, it’s the fundamental factor, especially when talking about the attraction of Instagram followers. However, you may have creative photos but your work doesn’t end when you post that amazing photo that can be found on premium stock photos. Another important aspect to consider is your post. Its basic premise is to present your post or even add some charm to your image. Plus, it explains what your image is about and demonstrates to your target audience what to do. 

A top-notch caption makes your users perform some actions. In this bookmarkable post, we’ll take a closer look at the main tips that might help you create catchy captions. So get comfortable and have a look!

Create Drafts First

Never buck up imp. If you have many followers, you have to be doubly sure that your text will undoubtedly catch their attention. Look at the photo that you wish to post and think about the ideas to post. Simply put, you must sit on them for a while and gradually, you’ll create an immaculate Instagram post.

Remember that Instagram algorithms change on an ongoing basis and today, the level of engagement of your posts is more important. And the visibility of your post is contingent on how many likes or comments it has. Therefore, you can’t just write your thoughts, you must sit on it and create a few drafts.


Follow the Limits

Remember that the maximum character count for your post on Instagram is 2200 symbols. However, your followers can see only the first two lines, after that, they need to click on “more” to see a full post. Therefore, you must do your utmost to make the first lines of your caption catchy and informative. In other words, you must make your followers click on “More” and read your post until the end.

Add an Engaging Sentence

Modern users are too demanding and they don’t like reading mind-numbing posts. Therefore, your overriding goal is to engage them. A call-to-action allows you to talk to them and share their opinion under your post. However, a lot is contingent on your needs and the goals of your post, whether you want to sell some products or services or you just want your followers to comment on your post. For example, if your business is centred around selling drones, you may tag the accounts of theme-related users or your partners. In doing so, you’ll undoubtedly enhance engagement.

Don’t Overuse Hashtags

When surfing around the Instagram feed, you’ll find an awful lot of hashtags that can be added to your post. However, you can’t use them all. The main goal of a hashtag on Instagram is to tie the conversions of various users into one stream. When you have a visible account, users that do a search for a particular hashtag may quickly find your post and get to know about your services online. And this person can become your future customer who will bring you money. Therefore, you can’t neglect this dextrous online tool.

Nevertheless, experts recommend using hashtags guardedly. Avoid using many hashtags under one post. Otherwise, it may look like spam. Find 4-6 relevant hashtags and that’s enough for one post. 

Add emojis

You can’t create your cuddly caption without emojis, attractive emoticons that pursue one goal – to add charm and a unique voice to your post. Therefore, a variety of modern brands use emojis. It’s up to you to decide where to add them. Sometimes, business owners use them to replace words. However, emojis are a powerful tool that will undoubtedly make followers pay attention to your company.

Keep it Reasonably Short When You Don’t Know What to Say

Need to make a post today but lack inspiration? Can’t write a long and engaging post? Make it short today. By the way, your captions shouldn’t be long every time. If you sell face creams or perfumes online, you might post full descriptions and brief posts as well. However, if you don’t know what to say right now, just keep it short and simple. Some of the most legendary Instagram captions are reasonably short but memorable.

All in all, when following all these insightful pieces of advice, you’ll surely create cool captions. Plus, you should test out various types of posts and gradually, you’ll find the one that fits the needs of your brand.

How to Write Catchy Instagram Captions?
Article Name
How to Write Catchy Instagram Captions?
Different ways in which you can create catchy captions for your Instagram posts and drive up engagement.

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