How to shoot a travel video on your phone?


The best way to share your travel experience is to make an interesting, dynamic, lively travel video. Need help figuring out where to start? We’ll help you get the basics right.


The first thing you need to take care of is what you will use to move in a new country during your trip. The best option would be to hire a car. Let’s say you came to rest in the UAE and want to show as many sights as possible in your video. You can use Car Rentals in Dubai airport. This is convenient because you can charge your phone in a rented car and your movie will not be at risk. You will also be able to transport many things in a rented car. If you hire a sports car you will add some luxury to the frame.


Get inspired before your trip. Watch videos of other travelers who have filmed where you are going. Analyze the work of video bloggers, understand what was missing in their videos and make it cooler.

Write a list of places you plan to visit. It is not so easy to surprise by famous sights, so focus on non-tourist places. Be different!


Record a good intro and an original goodbye. Hook in the first 15 seconds. Tell people what you will show in the video, share your experiences, and state what you expect from the city, sights, or meeting. If you are traveling with the whole family, then tell us about how to travel safely with children. Believe me, it will be interesting for a lot of people! Be yourself and talk to the camera as if you were a friend. In the end, be sure to add a call to action – announce the next episode, ask to like the video, and subscribe to you.

You can shoot like Spielberg, but if you don’t provide useful information, success will pass you by. Therefore, be sure to share tips, look for insights, and tell more than Google. The viewer will be waiting for the next video to learn new cool life hacks on how to make the trip more comfortable, etc.

Present information in a non-banal way, remember that dry dates make people bored. It is better to tell what unusual things happened in this or that place and explain why, for example, the indigenous people do not like it. If you are showing a museum, tell on which days the entrance is free for tourists.

Technique and installation

Take care of the quality of the shooting. Choose quality equipment that is easy to transport and create amazing shots.

The main thing is to take a stabilizer for your smartphone with you. A smooth and clear picture is much nicer.

Don’t forget to take a large-capacity portable charger to charge your phone.

We also advise you to buy a good headset – if you plan to talk about something in the frame, then you cannot do without it.

The first thing you need to do before shooting on your phone is to choose the video quality. As a rule, this can be done in the settings of the camcorder. You shouldn’t go for the highest quality, 1080 x 1024 is enough for most occasions and social media. Higher quality is only needed for complex editing.

Depending on the distribution channels, you need to choose horizontal or vertical shooting. For the popular stories format, a vertical format is suitable. For most other cases, it is worth shooting horizontally.

Be sure to turn on airplane mode before shooting, as an accidental ringing may cause the video to stop.

Install a video editing program. There are many free editors, but most of them require a subscription to use all the features of the program.

Pick up the music. You need tracks that reflect the video sequence and your mood on the journey as much as possible. Finding copyright-free music is easy. There are a million options on the web.

Make your video dynamic. Approximately every 5 seconds, try to alternate frames and show something even more interesting in order to keep the viewer’s attention. Delete boring moments and moments with poor quality.

Write down the names of locations, and important numbers, and indicate the names of the characters with whom you are having a dialogue. Choose a font that is easy to read and looks harmonious.

Start with short videos. Try to make a 5-minute video in the beginning. If you have really many interesting moments and a really good story, you can work with a longer format.

In conclusion

Analyze errors and fix them in the following videos. Not everyone is born a vlogger and editor, but everyone has the opportunity to learn.

How to shoot a travel video on your phone?
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How to shoot a travel video on your phone?
This article explains how to shoot a good-quality travel video on your phone.

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