{Solved}Spotify won’t open

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Spotify even though it’s a great music service, its apps don’t function properly always and sometimes causes problems. These errors are pretty annoying at times like sometimes Spotify won’t open at all and just uninstalling and then reinstalling the app doesn’t seem to work. There are several other problems that users often face with Spotify like waiting to download or local files not showing.

Why won’t Spotify open on my computer?

There could many reasons as to why Spotify might not be opening or crashing while trying to open on your computer. Maybe your audio drivers are outdated, maybe you need to clear out your Spotify cache or maybe there was a problem while update Spotify and you need to update it properly again. There could be tons of reasons as to why Spotify won’t open but here are some solutions that Spotify users and we have found to be working in getting Spotify started –

Uninstall & Delete Spotify Cache

Many users have reported on the Spotify forum that after you uninstall Spotify, you should also clear all the temporary files and cache created by it in order to completely delete all its data and then do a clean install. Here are the steps to do that –

  • First, download and install this all in one uninstaller app IOBit Uninstaller. Then open up the app and under ‘All Programs’ look for the Spotify app. There will be a green dustbin icon beside the Spotify app name, click it.
Click on the green dustbin icon
  • Then when a new sub-window appears, tick the option ‘Automatically remove residual files’ and click on the uninstall button. Spotify will be now successfully uninstalled and all its cache and data should be cleared.


  • This should successfully uninstall Spotify and also clear out all its data and cache. But what if you don’t want to install any third-party app on your system? Well, we have a manual solution for you then.
  • Uninstall the Spotify app, the normal way from the control panel first. Then go to this location in your File explorer ‘C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Spotify\’  and delete the whole Spotify folder. And now install the latest version of Spotify and then check if Spotify is opening or not and if it is running smoothly. Sometimes just deleting this folder without going through the hassle of uninstalling Spotify also works. Just go to this location uninstall Spotify and then give your device a restart and then start Spotify. Spotify should start working smoothly then.
  • If you are having problems in deleting the cache folders yourself, why not try using trusted 3rd-party apps and let them do the job? You can use apps like Wise Care 365 and then just do a checkup of your computer inside the app and it will automatically find temporary files and unwanted data and delete those while clearing out tons of space for you.

Update Spotify

Sometimes Spotify might not start because of a bad update or sometimes while updating things went wrong and Spotify did not install properly. Well starting the update process of the Spotify app should solve the problem. But how do you update Spotify when you are unable to start the app and you don’t want to uninstall and reinstall it again? Well, we have a solution for that also, Here’s how you can update Spotify –

  • Go to the Spotify folder ‘C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Spotify\’ and you will notice a folder named as ‘Update’.
  • Open that and inside it, you should find an installer. Run that installer and let Spotify install by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Now after Spotify has finished installing, try to open it and see if Spotify opens now or not.
  • If not try restarting your device once and then trying again.

Update Windows

Sometimes some Windows updates come with bugs and those bugs can interfere in the proper functioning of many apps. Such can happen with Spotify also, so when you are faced with this Spotify won’t open problem, try to look into Windows forums such as the official Windows community or the Windows subreddit, if other people are also facing the same problem. Check if people have found any solutions to their misery or not. Try to look for other Windows updates which have come after the update that caused the problem by going to your Windows Settings and check if they address your issues or check with Windows Restore if you had any recovery created before updating or not. If yes then try using that to restore to the system version before updating.

Update Audio Driver

Sometimes outdated Audio drivers can cause problems with music apps and might often cause them to crash, as none of your sound-related devices would get recognised. Try using apps like Driver Booster to automatically update all your outdated device drivers automatically. Just install Driver Booster following the on-screen instructions and then run it. It will then scan your computer for all connected devices and will match the installed drivers with their database and also look for missing drivers. It will then install all missing drivers and update all the outdated ones.

{Solved}Spotify won't open
Article Name
{Solved}Spotify won't open
Spotify not opening? Why won't Spotify open on your computer? Check out working solutions to get Spotify started.

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