How to see your Spotify history?


Spotify has a long history of delaying pretty important feature updates or completely ignoring them. Like the username change feature, which its users have been requesting for a long time now but Spotify says that they don’t want to implement it now and have no plans of implementing it soon. Well, the username feature is just one of them, there are hundreds of other features that people want and are shouting about it on the Internet.

Another one of the requested features is the ability to view your listening history or the list of recently played songs. You can view your song listening history but only up to the last 50 songs and only on the desktop app. But there is a small trick way by which you also can see your recently played songs list on the Spotify mobile app, which we have written about below.

How to see Spotify history on phone?

Yes, it is possible to view your recently played songs on your mobile phones via the Spotify app. As there is no direct option to just tap on to view your recently played songs, we have found a nifty trick to view that and here’s how you can also view your history on your phone –

  • Go to your library and open one of your playlists, if you don’t have one create one.
  • After creating your playlist, click on the ‘Add Song‘ button or if you already had a playlist earlier then you can find the ‘Add Song‘ option inside the three dots menu.
  • After that cards will appear with song recommendations inside them, keep swiping left to find out the ‘Recently Played‘ card and there you have it the history of your recently played songs on your phone. Also, learn how to update Spotify payment info?


How to view your Spotify history on desktop?

Yes, you can also view your history of recently played songs on the Spotify desktop app and here’s how you can view it –

  • First, open the Spotify app from the Start menu and log into it, if you are already not.
  • Next click on the queue button beside the song player control keys.


  • Then a new page will open with the play queue in it, it will show the now playing song and the upcoming songs and there you will see the history option right beside the queue option.


  • Click on it and you will able to view your 50 most recently streamed songs.


Can you delete my Spotify history?

No Spotify does not provide you with an option to delete the history of your recently played songs and if you are concerned about your privacy then don’t worry much as only you can view your Spotify history and no one else can and also it only stores the history of your only 50 most recently played songs.

But if you are still paranoid then I would suggest you set a strong password to your Spotify account, so that no one can break-in. Also, check out how to add friends on Spotify easily.

How to see your Spotify history?
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How to see your Spotify history?
Check out how to see your Spotify history on desktop and on mobile. Also, see how to find recently played songs on Spotify?

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