How to find & add your friends on Spotify?

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Spotify is a great social media like music streaming app and its almost like a community of music lovers from all around the world. People can share playlists and songs with their friends and also collaborate on various playlists, to make them the best one they can. Now it can be hard to add your friends on Spotify if you or your friends don’t have a Facebook account. But don’t worry we are here to help with searching and adding your friends on Spotify.

How to find and follow someone on Spotify?

There are mainly two different ways to add or search for your friends on Spotify – 

  1. By adding or connecting your Facebook account to Spotify, then Spotify syncs with Facebook and will automatically show you all your friends who are on Spotify.
  2. The second method is a tricky one, where you ask the friend to share a playlist they have created and then follow them through the link to their profile under the playlist or ask for their username and then run a search using the Spotify user search syntax.

Now below we have discussed these two ways and shown you the exact methods to do that –

Using your Facebook account

Now almost everyone these days has a Facebook account and most people on Spotify, also tend to have a Facebook account. Having your Facebook account connected with your Spotify account really makes it very easy to add and follow your friends, discover what they are listening to(unless you don’t want that try Spotify private session) and also follow their playlists. But if you did not signup with your Facebook account when signing up for Spotify, then you will have to connect your Facebook account to Spotify.

Here’s how you can connect your Facebook account to Spotify –

For desktop users

  • Open the Spotify app on your desktop(mobile phone method below), then go to your account settings from the top right corner menu, by clicking on the small down arrow and selecting ‘Settings’ from the options.
  • Then scroll down to the ‘Social’ section and you shall see a ‘Connect to Facebook’ button, click on it and then the Facebook secure login page will open up, log in to your account and then grant the necessary permissions and your Facebook account will be successfully added to Spotify.
Follow these steps

For Mobile Users

  • You can also connect your Facebook account from your mobile phone if in case you don’t have access to a desktop. Open up the Spotify app on your phone and then open your account settings from the top right corner.
  • Then swipe up and look for the ‘Social’ section and under that, you will see a ‘Connect to Facebook’ option.
  • Click on that and the Facebook login page will open up. Sign in with your account and then grant the necessary permissions and then your Facebook account will be successfully connected with your Spotify account.
Follow these steps

Now finding and following friends

  • Now that you have successfully connected your Facebook account, you can easily look up and follow your friends. From the desktop app, just look at the extreme right and you will see a column known as Friend Activity, under that click on the ‘Find Friends’ button and then a dialog box opens up, in which you will see the list of your friends who use Spotify and also the option to follow them or follow all of them at once.
Click on the Find Friends button
  • For mobile users, just open up the Spotify app, then on the home screen tap on the settings icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then tap on ‘View Profile’ and then in the next screen tap on ‘Find Friends’ and then on ‘Follow all’ to follow all your friends. You can also individually follow and unfollow them.


If your friends have their Facebook account connected then you can also just search your friends’ names from the search box from where you search for songs and artists and their profile will show up there. You can just click or tap on their profile and then follow them.

Find friends on Spotify without Facebook

Many people these days don’t have Facebook accounts, because they are worried about their privacy after the recent many data breaches and privacy scandals which happened at Facebook. It’s completely understandable that you care about your privacy which is why you deleted your account, surely you might miss out on a few features on different platforms but there are always alternatives. There are alternatives here also, ways in which you can find your friends’ profiles and follow them on Spotify without connecting a Facebook account.

Playlist Sharing

Spotify playlists contain the name of the user that created it and also a link to their profile. So you can just ask your friend, who you are trying to follow, to create a playlist and then share it with you and then you can open the shared playlist and then follow them. Here’s how you can do that –

  • Ask your friend to go to their library, where they will find the ‘Create Playlist’ option.
  • Tap on the ‘Create Playlist’ option and then name your playlist and it shall be ready. The playlist can be created from the mobile app or the desktop app or even from the web version of Spotify.
  • Then ask them to share that playlist with you. Open the playlist link in your web browser or from your desktop app. And under the playlist name, you will see the user who created it.
  • Click on that username link and the user’s profile page will open up, there you will have the option to follow them. Give them a follow and see what they are listening to or what playlists they have created or what playlists made by others they have added onto their library. Note that this only works on the Spotify web player or the desktop app, but if you want to try this method from your mobile, then just copy the link of the playlist that your friend shared and then open it in desktop mode in your web browser.


Spotify username search

As we mentioned earlier, if your friend has their Facebook account connected with Spotify, then you can search what their name on Spotify and it would show up but what about when someone does not have their Facebook account connected? Well, then you can look at this nifty trick that you can use to search for your friends using their usernames from the same search box –

  • This method works both on the desktop app and the mobile app but not on the Spotify web player. Just go to the search field and type out this search syntax or dork
  • Replace the username field with the username of your friend. Ask them for their username, if they don’t know their username, then simply instruct them, to open the Spotify website and then to go to their account dashboard from the menu at the top right corner and there under account overview their username would be present and from there they will be able to view their username. Ask them to send the username to you.
You can find your username from under your Account Overview
  • Take that username and put it in the search syntax query “spotify:user:username”, in the place of the username. Then just enter it into the Spotify search field and then press search.
  • The user’s profile page should directly open up and there will an option to follow them, and all their created and followed playlists, will be shown below.

These were the various ways in which one can search for their friends on Spotify and then add or follow them. If you find any other working method, then make sure to let us know, then we can update it for others.

How to find & add your friends on Spotify?
Article Name
How to find & add your friends on Spotify?
Learn how to find friends or someone on Spotify and how to follow them. How to add someone on Spotify without Facebook?

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