How to change or reset your Spotify password?

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Many a time people forget their password of services or apps that they have not used for some time or they just suddenly completely forgot about it. It happens with all of us. We might have been logged in for a long time into Spotify and then went ahead and got ourselves a new device and now we need to sign in to all the apps and if we are not using any password manager, then it can be very hard to remember all the complex passwords.

So its pretty natural for us to forget our passwords. But don’t worry we got you covered, below we have written in details on How to change or reset your Spotify password?

How to change Spotify password?

Here’s how to change your Spotify password from the desktop browser or you could do this in your mobile browser also-

  • Open the Spotify website in your browser and then click on login from the options available on the top right corner of the website.
  • Then the Login page opens up and right below the Log In button, you will see aa option in smaller font size than the other “Forgot your password?”, click on that.
  • The Password Reset page opens up, enter the email associated with your Spotify account or just your username and then click on Send.
  • The password reset link will be sent to your email. Now its time to check your email.
Follow these steps to reset your Spotify password
  • Then login into your email account and then look for a password reset email from Spotify if you are unable to find it look once in the Spam folder.
  • Open up the password reset email from Spotify and then click on the Reset password link as pointed out below.
  • Then a new page opens up, where you need to enter your new password twice. After entering a secure password, click on Send and update the password.
  • Then you will see a message that your password has been successfully updated and you will also be logged into your Spotify account.
Click on the link that you received in your email.
  • Or what if you are already logged in to your account? Well, don’t worry you don’t have to log out and follow the above process for that. Just head over to your account dashboard and then click on the option ‘Change Password’ from the left menu options. Then enter your current password and then your new password two times and then click on ‘Set New Password’. And your password will be changed. Now if you don’t remember your current password, then you will have to log out and follow the method that we wrote about above.
Change your Spotify password from here.

How to change Spotify password on Mobile?

You must be wondering whats the method to reset your Spotify password through the app. It’s similar to the method we just showed you above. It’s also the same method for both Android and iPhone so follow the steps below as stated –

  • Open up the Spotify app and then Tap on Email. Then tap on ‘Log in’.
  • Then tap on the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link below the Log in button.
  • Then enter your email address which is associated with your account or the username of your account and tap on ‘Get Link’.
  • After that follow the same steps by opening your email and then entering your password and updating it the same way as shown above.


How to change Spotify password if logged in with Facebook?

Many of us to signup quickly just signed up with Facebook, when we were signing up with Spotify as it quickened the process and apart from signing in with our Facebook we didn’t have to do much. As we were much more eager to start using Spotify as quickly as possible. so we just clicked on the Signup with Facebook button and 2-3 clicks later we were into Spotify. So how do you reset your password if you did not set one in the first place when signing up?

  • First, figure out what email is added to your Facebook account, in case you sign in with your phone number else move on to the next step. To know the email added to your Facebook account, then open up your Facebook account and then go to your account settings and then under the general account settings tab you will see your primary email id listed as the contact. That’s the email id added to your Facebook account.


  • This is also the same email id that is added to your Spotify account, assuming you had the same email id added to your Facebook account when you signed up for Spotify. Use this email id and follow the steps above as we stated for password resetting of your Spotify account.

How to change Spotify password without email?

We are pretty sure that you cannot update or change your Spotify password without an email address. In this case, you should get in touch with Spotify support, as they can help you the best in this issue.

No account linked to an email address?

Are you getting this error? “The email address you entered is not linked to a Spotify account. You can either try another email address or log in through Facebook – if your account is connected.”  ?

Getting this error?

Then you should try and remember the correct email id that you used while signing up for Spotify or if you signed up with Facebook, then you should just use the Log in with Facebook button or follow the method we shared above about people with Spotify account linked with Facebook.

How to change or reset your Spotify password?
Article Name
How to change or reset your Spotify password?
How to change Spotify Password on desktop, Android or iPhone? How to reset the Spotify password on Android or iPhone?

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