What is Spotify private session & How to use it?

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Spotify surely is one of the best if not the best music streaming apps and service of all time. They have a great service and great users who love their apps and service. Spotify has millions of songs in its library and has songs from many different kinds of languages so that people of all kinds and music tastes can listen to any song they want. Spotify even has a small social media type of feeling to it. Users can follow each other and also create and share playlists with other users and also follow playlists created by other users. Spotify has the feature known as Friend’s activity which shows what someone is listening to or was just listening to if you are following them.

This feature can be annoying sometimes because your friends can see everything that you are listening to and they might tease you or make fun of you at times. You might love an artist or a band secretly but if your friends got to know about it, then they will continuously keep teasing you about it. And if you have connected your Facebook account with Spotify then all your Facebook friends who use Spotify are able to view what you are listening to. That is big privacy invasion as sometimes we may add acquaintances as friends on Facebook but we don’t want them knowing all the time what were are listening to.

What does private session on Spotify mean?

Spotify private session is Spotify’s version of private or incognito mode but it’s not so simple and private. Let me explain it to you what it actually means, Spotify private session when enabled does not show what the user is listening to people who follow the person and to the person’s Facebook friends who are on Spotify. When a private session is activated no user activity is shared on Spotify social and no updates are shared on Facebook or Last.fm if connected.

A private session will automatically end when you close the app, its the same for Windows, Android and iPhone. As soon as you close down the app, the private session closes and when you come back to the app you will have to enable private session mode again to get it started. Your private session might also end after a long period of inactivity even if the app was open the whole time. Also in case you are wondering Spotify has confirmed that the music you listen to during private session does not influence your daily playlists like Discover Weekly and others. So you can listen to anything you want without the fear of messing up your daily recommendations and playlists.

How to enable Spotify private session?

Enabling the private session mode inside of Spotify is pretty easy and just takes a few seconds of your time. Let me show you how you can do that on both your desktops and mobile devices –

Enabling Spotify private session on Desktop

  • Before proceeding make sure you are using the latest version of Spotify and also you are logged in into your account. Then look at the top right corner, where your username is being displayed and then click on the dropdown arrow and you will see an option for “Private Session” enable that and you have a private session for Spotify.
Enable Private Session from here.
  • Or else you can also enable private session from your Spotify account settings. Just open up your account settings from the same dropdown arrow menu beside your profile name and then scroll down to the Social section and then enable the option “Start a private session to listen anonymously”. Then you shall have private session mode turned on for Spotify.



  • A small lock sign beside your username is the confirmation that private session in on and anything you are listening to is not being shown to your followers or Facebook friends.
Blue colour lock implies private session in on

Enabling Spotify private session on Mobile

Enabling the private session mode on Spotify’s mobile apps is also fairly easy and similar to the method of the desktop. Let me show you how to turn on private session in Spotify on your mobile devices –

  • Open up the Spotify app and then open up your account settings. Scroll down to the social section and you will see any option to enable “Private Session“, slide it and turn the slider green and you will have private session turned on in your Spotify app.


Remember that private session ends every time you close down the Spotify app, so make sure to tur on private session every time you open the app for listening to music. Now if you want tight privacy on your Spotify account, then we would recommend changing a few more settings in your Spotify account.

Make your playlists secret

  • Turning the privacy of your playlists to secret would be a good place to start. Go to your account settings and then scroll down to the social tab and then turn off the ‘Make my new playlists public’ off. Slide the slider to grey and your new playlists won’t be public anymore automatically.


  • But what about the playlists that you have already created, how do you change their privacy? Well here’s how you can do that – for your mobile app, open up your playlist from your library, then tap on the three dots menu at the top right corner and then tap on the Make Secret option and your playlist’s privacy would be changed to secret from public.
Here’s how to do it in the mobile app.
  • To do it inside the desktop app, open your playlist from your library and then click on the three dots menu beside the play button and then click on ‘Make Secret’ and you playlist privacy would be changed to secret from public and no one else except you will be able to access and see that.
Here’s how to do it in the desktop app.

Turn off sharing of listening activity

The next thing that you should do to keep your privacy on Spotify intact, is to turn off the sharing of your listening history and recently played artists. Just open up the desktop app and then open up your settings, scroll down to the Social tab and then turn off the last two options and for mobile app users go to your settings and then scroll down and then turn off the sharing of listening activity option off.


What is Spotify private session & How to use it?
Article Name
What is Spotify private session & How to use it?
What is Spotify session? How to turn it on on mobile? How to turn it on in desktop? Learn over here.

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