How to get Spotify presale codes?


Spotify, since it launched, has come up with great new features for its users and according to their user’s tastes and requests, they keep adding new features from time to time. Since there are many music streaming services these days which offer concert presale tickets to its users, Spotify has also joined the party of offering presale tickets. But the process of getting these presale tickets from Spotify is a bit different from the other providers. Let me tell you about how you can get a Spotify presale code.

What does Spotify Presale mean?

Spotify says that they have a different way of sending presale codes to its users and no you don’t have to be a Spotify Premium plan user to get them. They say that they gather the streaming data of artists and then they send the presale codes to their top fans, loyal fans who listen to them the most.

For example, if you listen to The Weeknd a lot on Spotify and if The Weeknd has any concert coming up, then if you are among the lucky people who listen to him the most on the Spotify platform, then you have the possibility of getting a presale code for his concert. Spotify will send the presale codes through email in the form of Fan First emails. Now let me explain what are those.

How to get Spotify presale code?

Fans First emails are a way in which Spotify thanks artists’ biggest listeners and appreciates them by giving them access to presale tickets for upcoming concerts and also by giving access to merchandise from the artist, which cannot be found anywhere else. Fan First emails are sent to artists’ top listeners according to the streaming data that Spotify has on its users.

Also, we said before you don’t need to be a premium plan user to get these, any Spotify user can get access to these perks. In order to get these emails from Spotify, you must not turn off any kind of communication from Spotify, so let us show how to turn them on.

  • First, go visit this link and log in to your Spotify account, if you are not logged in already.
  • Then turn on the communication option via email for ‘Concert Notification‘ and ‘Artist Updates‘. And now you should be receiving emails from Spotify if you are lucky enough to get presale codes from them.
Turn on these options

That’s it, it should be enough you don’t have to do anything else, just have to be lucky enough to receive a fan first email from Spotify and keep streaming your favourite artist, so you could be one of their top fans. Interested in learning how to change your Spotify username? then surely check this one out.

How to get Spotify presale codes?
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How to get Spotify presale codes?
What are Spotify presale codes? How to get Spotify Presale codes? Learn what are fan first emails and how people get presale codes from Spotify.

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