How to get back your Hacked Spotify Account?


People reporting their Spotify account getting hacked is pretty common these days, as there are many searches for terms like – ‘someone hacked my Spotify‘ or ‘my Spotify account was hacked‘. Also every other day you see someone on twitter complaining that someone hacked their account messed with their playlists or completely overtook the account and kicked them out.

Spotify claims to have tight security over its userbase and user data and that their platform and all user records are completely safe, so you don’t need to worry about any data breach at Spotify cause there is none. But most of the time the fault is of the users in these kinds of issues.

Most people use the same password for all their accounts and many insecure services get hacked almost daily. It is possible that a certain user had used a set of credentials on a website which got hacked and the user had the same credentials on Spotify. Now hackers do credential stuffing attacks with the leaks from those website hacks and then this is how they gain access to the Spotify accounts of users.

This is soo common these days, that there are hundreds of lists on Pastebin every week, with a list of hacked Spotify accounts. First, you need to get your Spotify account back and then we will show you how to prevent future hacking attempts on your Spotify account.

How to get back your hacked Spotify account?

If you are suddenly seeing random unknown devices showing up in your Spotify connect to player option or you received an email from Spotify that your account email was changed, then surely your account has been compromised and you must act fast. Even Spotify family account users receive emails like a new user who is unknown to them has been added to their account.

Here’s how you can get your Spotify account back –

  • Password still works –  If your account password is still working and the email id is still the same, then you should immediately change your Spotify account password. If your email account password is also the same as your Spotify account, then please that password also immediately. Use password generators available online to generate and set a complex password and use a password manager like Lastpass to remember complex and long passwords. Also if you had a Facebook account connected with Spotify, then change its password also. Also learn how to quickly disconnect Facebook from Spotify?
  • Account email changed – If you received an email from Spotify, that your account email was changed, then there is no way you can recover that account yourself. You will have to contact Spotify to get help regarding your Account. First, go to this contact form and then select ‘Logging-in‘ and then select ‘I can’t log in‘ and then click on the button ‘I still need help‘ and then you might have to fill up some details related to your account and then Spotify will take care of it and will help you in restoring access of your account.
Use this button to contact Spotify support.

You don’t have to worry about your payment information from Spotify getting leaked, as Spotify never shows the complete payment information data.

In order to prevent these kinds of silly things from happening in the future, then start using different and complex passwords on all different services that you sign up to and yes complex passwords can be very difficult to remember and therefore we would advise you to use a password manager.

How to secure your Spotify Account?

You need to secure your account in order to prevent any future account takeover attempts. Here are some general tips you can follow to keep your accounts safe –

  • Use a Strong Password – You should use a strong and unique password, which you haven’t used anywhere else. As you read earlier that most of these hacking attempts are successful because people use the same passwords on all websites, so you should have a unique password for Spotify. Use this online password generator and set a unique and strong password in Spotify. Also if you are worried about forgetting your password, then use password managers like Lastpass or Bitwarden.
  • Revoke Unknown Applications – You should revoke access of unknown applications from your Spotify account that you have granted access to. You can do that logging on to and then sign in to your account, go to your profile settings and there will an option on the left pane known as ‘Apps‘. Over there look at all the apps that you have granted access to and revoke access of the unknown ones.

If you are still not satisfied with Spotify and want to change, then I would suggest you to check out Youtube Music, its a great service from Google and I absolutely love using it. You also get ad-free Youtube included with it, so its a great deal.

How to get back your Hacked Spotify Account?
Article Name
How to get back your Hacked Spotify Account?
How to get your hacked Spotify account back and how to prevent future hacking attempts.

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