Cannot share a post on Facebook? Here’s the Solution.

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Facebook gives its users so many different kinds of ways to interact with each other and have fun on its platform. One such way is by sharing posts, people can share their own posts or posts by their friends or a certain page that they like because they want their friends to see it. Sharing is very easy, you just press a button and the thing is done. But many users have been reporting that they are unable to share posts as don’t see a share button beside the like and comments buttons anymore.

Why can’t I share a post on Facebook?

This usually occurs when there is a conflict with the privacy settings of the person who posted. If your friends are unable to share your posts then you will have to tweak your privacy settings a little bit in order for them to get the share button and share function working. But if you yourself are unable to share someone else’s post then you will have to ask them to tweak their privacy settings. Many might think of this as a bug but this is a privacy feature but since many don’t like it we can call it a badly designed feature.

If you suddenly are unable to share someone’s posts, then it is quite possible that they changed their privacy settings recently. You will have to ask the person to make that post privacy setting to ‘Public’, so that the share button starts reappearing again and you are able to share their posts.

Facebook allows the poster to select different kinds of privacy options for their posts while they are posting something and the privacy option can always be changed later on. You can go to your profile settings and set the default privacy option and if you want to change it for specific posts, that also can be done. Your privacy settings only control your posts but if you share a public post from a page or another person, then your friends will be able to share the post as the post privacy is set as public by the original poster.

How to make a Facebook post shareable?

Here lets us show the process in which you can make your Facebook posts shareable again. There are two ways to change the privacy settings of posts. First, make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account and here is the first simple step –

  • On your desktop or laptop, open your browser and then open the homepage of Facebook and then click on the ‘Create Post‘ box and open it. After opening it, you will see the option to change the privacy of your newsfeed and stories from there. Set your newsfeed to the public so that anyone can view and share your posts. Which means that your friends will also be able to share the posts and their friends who are not friends with you will also be able to view the post.
Change the post privacy to Public
  •  Similarly, privacy settings can also be changed on the mobile app of Facebook. Open up the Facebook app and when you are on the homepage you will see a text box with ‘Write something here’ written on it. Open that and then click on the small friends option or button right below your name and just change the privacy setting to public. And you are done, your post privacy is set to Public. Now anyone can view and share it.
Follow these steps

How to make an existing post shareable?

As we saw that you are able to permanently change the privacy option of your future posts but what about the posts that you already have created? Well, don’t worry as you can always change the privacy setting of your past posts. Here is the way you can do that –

For Desktop

  • First, open the post you want to change the privacy setting of. Then click on the icon beside the date of the post and then change the privacy to ‘Public‘, this should make it shareable for all.


For Mobile

  • The process is again similar for mobile app users. Open the post you want to change the privacy setting of and then click on the 3 dots present at the top right corner. Many options will slide up from the bottom, select ‘Edit Privacy’ and then set the privacy to public. Now anyone can view and share that post and the share option will start reappearing again beside the like and comment options.


How to change post privacy of your page’s posts?

We showed you above how to change the privacy of own profile’s posts but what about your page’s posts? well you don’t or can’t really change the privacy of your Facebook page’s posts, as they are by default public. All Facebook page posts are by default public and cannot be changed.

Cannot share a post on Facebook? Here's the Solution.
Article Name
Cannot share a post on Facebook? Here's the Solution.
Unable to share a post on Facebook? Share button not showing? Friends are unable to share your post? You are unable to share your friend's post? Here is the solution.

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