4 Quick Ways to turn off Facebook Friend Suggestions

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Facebook is the biggest platform for connecting and interacting with our friends and maybe with some acquaintance who you might have met once or twice in your life. Or a person you recently came across while travelling. Now you might come across these people on Facebook via its Suggested Friends feature. Facebook has access to your location and also to your contacts if their app is installed on your phone. So everywhere you are travelling is known to them and the same is with other people who have Facebook installed on their phones.

Now many people seem to not like this particular feature and are getting irritated by it. If you are here reading this, then there is a good chance that you also don’t like this feature much and want to get rid of it. It sure is irritating to receive multiple notifications each day while browsing Facebook about someone you may know or someone you have no idea who the person is and Facebook are suggesting them to you may be from your location data or your contacts.

How to turn off Friend Suggestions on Facebook?

Here are a few ways in which we think you might be able to disable this annoying feature of Facebook and have a peaceful experience on it.

Tweak your Facebook notification settings

The first thing you should try is to play around a little bit with your notification settings. Facebook currently has options to disable notifications for their various features. They can be found in the main Settings options. Here is how you can find them –

Change your settings on Desktop

  • Open the main Settings menu and then select the option Notifications.
Access Notification Settings from here
  • Then select the “People You May Know” option and then disable its notifications. You should not receive any more friend suggestions.


Change your settings from the Mobile App

If you want to disable the notification settings from your mobile app then follow these steps.

  • Open the Settings, then the notification settings and then turn off the notifications of the ‘People You May Know’ feature.


This settings tweaking should work and you should not receive any more friend suggestions from Facebook but if you are still receiving it then follow the other options below.

Stop automatic contact uploading

If you have the Facebook app installed on your phone then you surely have the automatic contact uploading feature turned on, as by default it is on if you gave Facebook access to your phone contacts. Here is how you can turn off the continuous contact uploading feature –

  • Open Settings then search for contacts and open the “Media and Contacts” options and then turn off the continuous contact upload option.


Done, your continuous contact uploading is disabled now and it seems that Facebook has now disabled the ability to remove all the previously uploaded contacts but if you want to give it a try, then click on the Find Friends option and then on Imported Contacts and then scroll to the bottom and then you can find the option to remove all contacts.

Stop Facebook from accessing location data

Again if you have the Facebook app installed on your phone, then there is a good chance that you already have given Facebook the permission to your location data and it is already being used by them to target ads and recommend friends to you. Although many people claim that disabling location data does not help but many others still believe that location data surely is be being used to suggest new friends by Facebook. So in order to disable it in your phone follow these steps –

  • Open the Facebook app info from your phone App settings and then open Facebook’s app permissions and then disable location access. Then you are done Facebook has no longer access to your location data via your phone.


Change your privacy settings

Now another trick you could also try is by changing your privacy settings bit. For that go to your Facebook Settings from the desktop website and then open the Privacy section and change the privacy of who can send a friend request to just ‘Friends of Friends’ and this should stop you from getting any suggestions anymore and also friend requests from unknown people. We are not too sure about this method but you can give it a try.


Try these methods and check if you stop receiving friend suggestions and let us know in the comment which method worked for you.

4 Quick Ways to turn off Facebook Friend Suggestions
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4 Quick Ways to turn off Facebook Friend Suggestions
Irritated by Friend Suggestion from Facebook? Find out 4 quick ways to disable this annoying feature right now within a few seconds.
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