10+ Ways to solve Spotify can’t play current song error

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Spotify runs into occasional errors now and then but they solve these bugs pretty quickly so that their users have smooth music streaming experience. But this ‘Spotify can’t play current song‘ or ‘Spotify can’t play this right now‘ or “Spotify not playing” error has been going on for long. Different solutions work for different people and for some none of the ones mentioned online work at all. Like here on twitter someone is contacting the Spotify support about it.

There are a lot of similar problems to this one like when Spotify displays anyone of these -‘Spotify can’t play the current track‘, ‘Spotify can’t play current song‘, ‘Spotify can’t play current track‘, ‘Spotify can’t play this right now if you have the file on your computer you can import it‘ and  ‘Spotify can’t play the current song‘. All of these are basically the same problem and the solutions for these are also same as the parent topic. There are a lot of solutions for these Spotify songs playing errors, so we have grouped all the ones that are working so that you can try them out one by one and see for yourself if it solves your problem or not.

Spotify playback error

How to solve Spotify can’t play current song error?

Here below are few of the working solutions for these problems as reported by members on different online forums. Keep trying them one by one and see which one works for you and let us know in the comments –

Restart your computer

This should be your first course of action. Close all your applications and remember to save all your data and then restart. Doesn’t matter if you are using windows or mac, try restarting and Spotify should start working smoothly again. Majority users claim that a simple restart solved their problem.

Reinstall Spotify

Now if restarting did not help, then you should try reinstalling Spotify again on your machine. First, uninstall Spotify and if you are on Windows, then clear the data of this folder C:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\Local\Spotify\. Your username is what you use to log into Windows. Alternatively, you can use a temp file cleaner like Wise Care 365 or follow this guide to clear cache and temp file on Mac. After you have cleared all the temp files and cache of Spotify, restart your system once again and then try installing Spotify. See if this method works out for you or not.

Turn off high-quality streaming

Spotify offers it’s premium plan users the option to stream high-quality music. But what happens when you switch to the ad-supported free plan? If you still have the music quality setting set to high-quality, then it won’t be able to play any music. Go to your settings and change it. Also if you are trying to play the music that you had downloaded while you were on a paid plan, unfortunately, you cannot play that music offline anymore in the ad-supported plan. Streaming offline feature is only available for the Premium plan users.

  • Open your Spotify account settings.
  • Find the setting for Music Quality and change to anything else other than High-Quality, as that option is only available for premium plan users. Your music should start playing now.


Check if Music is available in your country or not

Now, most music has geographic limitations according to their licensing terms and they cannot be played everywhere in the world. There are different types of music and songs which can be played in one country but cannot be played in another one. So check and see if the music you are trying to play, is available in your country or not. Ideally, if it is not available to play in your country then Spotify usually fades the song name and it is unplayable and the user is not able to click on it.

Turn off hardware acceleration

Some users claim that turning hardware acceleration from the advanced account settings helped them solve the playback error.

  • Open up your account settings and scroll down to the bottom and then click on ‘Show Advanced Settings’.
  • Then find the option Compatibility and then turn off hardware acceleration and then restart the Spotify app once and see if music is playing or not. It should work now.


Enable Crossfade

Crossfading in music is a very cool technique to create a smooth transition when switching from one song to another. Since you are experiencing issues with music playback, try turning this option on/off and see if it works or not.

  • Open up your account settings and then scroll down and click on show advanced settings.
  • Then under the playback section, enable the crossfade option if it is disabled for you, then set the time to 0 seconds. If it was already turned on, then turn it off and then restart Spotify and try playing music. See if this trick works or not.


Clear Spotify Cache

Spotify from time to time will store temporary files offline in your device for optimal performance and for music streaming Spotify stores parts of music. Sometimes these files don’t get cleared and they can cause problems in music streaming. In order to clean them from your desktop or mac follow these steps –

  • Open up your Spotify account settings, scroll down and then click on Show advanced settings.
  • Then look for ‘Offline songs storage’ section, there you can see the location where Spotify stores all its cache.
  • Open that folder and delete all the data inside it and give Spotify a restart and see if your problem is solved or not.
  • Or you could just head over directly to this location ‘C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Spotify\’  on your desktop and clear out the whole Spotify folder.



Make sure you have enough space and memory on your device

Make sure that there is sufficient storage available on your device. If you are on a desktop or Mac laptop make sure to clear temporary files to free up space. If you are facing the ‘Can’t play current song‘ in your mobile device, then clear space in your internal storage. Spotify recommends at least 1gb of free space for smooth functioning.

Also, make sure your device has enough free space in its memory for Spotify to properly function. For mobile devices, Spotify recommends at least 250mb of clear space for it to function properly.

Log out from Spotify

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Spotify app, if not download the latest version from the official website and install it. Also, log out from the Spotify app once and then log in again to see if your Spotify can’t play error is solved or not. It should have been solved by now.

Resync Spotify account

If you have not been online for some time, if more than 30 days, then go online and resync your Spotify account. Since you have not been online for so long, you must have been listening to only your offline downloaded songs, Spotify requires to go online once every 30 days to resync your account. SO if you have not been online for more than that, then you won’t be able to play any of your offline downloaded songs.

Also if you are trying to play any of your offline downloaded playlists and have not been online in some time, then it is very much possible that some of the songs in the playlists have been modified or removed and you need to go online in order to resync it.

Connect to the proper playing device

Spotify allows its users to control the music playing on other devices from another device ideally, their phone provided that both of the devices are using the same Spotify account. Beside your song control options, you will notice the devices available option, where you can see the devices which are currently online with this account signed in and are available to stream music to. Make sure to select your current device from that list or whichever device you want to play music on.


These were some of the solutions that we found working out for us for the Spotify can’t play this current song error and some of them were found working by users on different online forums. Let us know in the comments which solution or trick worked for you or if you found out any new solution which is working, then surely let us know about it and we will include it in the article.

10+ Ways to solve Spotify can't play current song error
Article Name
10+ Ways to solve Spotify can't play current song error
Find out the different ways to solve the Spotify can't play current song error faced by many on their desktops and phones.

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