What’s this “kffowi” showing on Spotify or Windows Network?

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Many people have been facing a random problem, as they reported in the various tech forums online. They seem to be noticing an unknown device or ghost network device in their network-connected list, or for some people Spotify randomly connects to a device known a ‘kffowi‘.

What is a kffowi device?

You must be curious as to what does kffowi stand for or what does it even mean. Well, you don’t have to worry as kffowi is the code name of the Amazon Fire Tablet. If you right and open the properties of the device, then you will notice that the properties state the manufacturer as Amazon and the model as KFF0WI.

Why is this happening?

Well, if you don’t own any Amazon fire tablets or any kindle devices, then you should change your wifi network password, as someone else with an Amazon Fire tablet could be connecting to your network and which is why their device is showing in your network-connected device list.

In the case of Spotify randomly connecting to a KFF0WI device, make sure your Spotify account is safe. For further safety, change your Spotify account’s password. Also, make sure you have changed your wifi password and set the encryption to WPA2.

The Amazon Fire Tablet or the kffowi device is a tablet with Android 5.1 as its operating system and the screen dimensions are 1024 x 600 and usually comes with screen sizes of in between 6.7″ – 7.4″. It has a quad-core @1.3GHz CPU and Arm Maki-450 MP$ quad-core GPU. It usually comes witha 1 GB RAM and storage configuration of 8 GB or 16 GB.

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What's this "kffowi" showing on Spotify or Windows Network?
Learn what is kffowi and why is it showing up on Spotify or in your Windows network list.

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