What is ‘kffowi’ on my Spotify?


Many Spotify users are wondering about random and unknown devices connecting to their account and if you are facing this problem often, then there is a chance that your Spotify account could be hacked and you should secure your account.

Such is a device which goes by the name ‘kffowi‘ and it has got many users wondering as to what device is this and how it got connected to their Spotify account? Also, many people have reported seeing kffowi on their Windows Network connected devices list.

What is a kffowi device?

KFFoWI is just the model number name for the Amazon Fire Tablet, if you look into the properties of the kffowi device, then you will see Amazon listed as the Manufacturer and the model as KFF0WI.

Why is kffowi showing on your Spotify account?

If you don’t own any Amazon fire tablets or any kindle devices, then you should change your wifi network password, as someone else with an Amazon Fire tablet could be connecting to your network and which is why their device is showing in your network-connected device list.

In the case of Spotify randomly connecting to a KFF0WI device, make sure your Spotify account is safe. For further safety, change your Spotify account’s password. Also, make sure you have changed your wifi password and set the encryption to WPA2. Learn how how to get Spotify URI code from here.

The Amazon Fire Tablet or the kffowi device is a tablet with Android 5.1 as its operating system and the screen dimensions are 1024 x 600 and usually comes with screen sizes of in between 6.7″ – 7.4″. It has a quad-core @1.3GHz CPU and Arm Maki-450 MP$ quad-core GPU. It usually comes with a 1 GB RAM and storage configuration of 8 GB or 16 GB. Now get some awesome Spotify playlist name ideas for your playlists.

What is 'kffowi' on my Spotify?
Article Name
What is 'kffowi' on my Spotify?
Learn what is kffowi and why is it showing up on Spotify or in your Windows network list.

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