What is Spotify Uri code & How to get it?


Spotify is very well, the most popular music streaming app among young users. Spotify users surely like to share a lot of songs among their friends, who have similar musical tastes. But lets say you want to share a song on a webpage on just on Facebook or Instagram but don’t want to post a link just an image, you can do that with Spotify URI and Spotify code generator.

What is Spotify Uri?

URI can be defined as a Uniform Resource Identifier which is a sequence of different characters that identify a media file or a certain type of logical or physical resource.  URI in Spotify refers to a similar type of identifier or an indicator which is an identifier used to identify albums, songs, podcasts and artist’s profile.

The URI in Spotify is a very useful feature because this can be included in websites and apps and clicking on it, will directly open the Spotify App on your device, rather than visiting Spotify.com through your browser.

How to get Spotify URI?

The URI code of any album or artist or podcast is very easy to get on Spotify. Just follow the steps given below for all the devices –

Get Spotify URI on Desktop

  • Open the song or album which you want to get the URI of and then go to the three dots button beside the song of the album you want to share.
  • Select the Share option and then you will find an option over there as ‘Copy Spotify URI‘, simply click on that.
  • The song’s URI code will be automatically copied to your clipboard.
Here You Can Find Spotify URI Code on The Desktop App

And there you have it your URI which you can share or which you can use to generate a Spotify Code. If you are looking to share an album or song with your friends then I would suggest you use the normal shareable link option, as not all people are technically sound and might not be able to use it.

How to get Spotify uri on mobile?

Unfortunately, you cannot copy Spotify URI codes yet from the mobile app but you can get normal shareable URLs. Here’s how you can a link to share –

How to use Spotify Uri?

Depending on who you are there are several use cases for Spotify URI. Some of them are like –

  • Serves as a unique identifier for artists and albums.
  • Ability to generate Spotify – Codes, which can be further used on banners and outdoor ads.

You can easily head over to Spotifycodes.com and enter your preferred URI of your favourite artist or album and then generate your Spotify code.

Spotifycodes.com can help you generate codes of your albums and songs.
You can generate Spotify Codes from here.

What does URI mean and what does it stand for?

URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier. It is a sequence or a string of characters that identifies a particular logical or physical resource. A URI typically includes a string of characters for the filename and it also may contain the path of the directory where the file is located. There are two different types of URIs which are URLs(Uniform Resource Locator) and URNs(Uniform Resource Name). The hierarchy can be represented with the image below.

URI Hierarchy Chart
  • Uniform Resource Locator – This is also known as URL in a short form. This type of URL starts by stating which type of internet protocol is being used to locate and access the said resource. It specifies the means on which it is acting upon and obtaining the said resource in a particular situation.
  • Uniform Resource Name – This is also known as a URN in a short form. This is also a type of URI but it does not state the type of protocol it is acting upon to get the resource but it will only label the resource with a persistent, location-independent unique identifier.

Difference between Spotify Url and Spotify Uri.

URI in Spotify is just a unique resource identifier which is used for identifying and locating artists and albums on the platform while a Spotify URL does the same job and is a little bit more user-friendly and it is also clickable when inside chatting apps or in the browser. Now see how to change Spotify username?

What is Spotify Uri?
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What is Spotify Uri?
What is Spotify URI code and how to use it? How to get Spotify URI code and how to get it on mobile?

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