How to see who is following you or your page on Facebook?

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The big social media that Facebook is, it has over 2 billion monthly active users and there are a lot of active users on the platform. And it offers its users many different ways to interact with each other. One such way is following someone’s posts. Users can view the public posts of other users on their timeline by following them without adding them as a friend. Also, users who are famous can just tell people to follow them instead of adding everyone as friends and also since Facebook has a limit of 5000 friends, then people can just follow the person instead of adding them as a friend.

How to check my Facebook profile followers?

First, you need to enable the option where anyone can follow you and not just your friends. Otherwise, the number of followers won’t show as the only people following you then will be your friends. So first go to Settings and then to “Public Posts” and then change the setting of “Who can follow me?” to ‘Public’ and that should be it. Now anyone can follow you without adding you as a friend.


You can easily see who follows you on Facebook in the following ways –

How to see my followers on Facebook?

We can easily see who is following us from the desktop website of Facebook. For that follow the following steps –

  • Open your own profile page after logging into Facebook and click on the Friends section or you can also click on the “Followed by x persons” link, which is right below the details of where you work and where you were born, etc.


  • Then you should be able to see an option to see your followers or see a  More option from where you can get the Followers option and then click on it. And you will be presented with a list of the people who follow you on Facebook. These people only follow you and are not your friends. The people who are in your friend list automatically follow you.



How do I see my followers on Facebook mobile?

It is also fairly easy to check how is following you from the mobile app. Firstly log into the app and then follow the next steps –

  • After you have logged in then open your profile page inside the Facebook app.
  • Then below your details of where you work and where you were born, you should see, “Followed by x persons”. Click on that and you will be presented with the list of people who follow you. These are the people who follow you but are not friends with you. People who are friends with you automatically follow you but they can choose to unfollow you.


How to check Facebook page followers?

It is pretty easy to check the number of followers of your Facebook page. Just open your page which you want to see the number of followers and look at low right side beside the chat active members window and there you can find a box with info about your number of followers and number people who have liked your page. Alternatively, you can also go to the Insights tab to check about the analytics of your page in a much more detailed way. You can also click on the number of followers to display the list of people who are following your page.

This is where you can see Facebook page Followers


How to see who is following you or your page on Facebook?
Article Name
How to see who is following you or your page on Facebook?
See how you can see who is following you on Facebook. Also, see the process in which you can check who is following your Facebook page.

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