What is Spotify Hi-Fi lossless streaming?


Spotify HIFI is a lossless music service, which was requested back in 2017 by some of its users and the company did some A/B testing with its pricing, offering a high-quality streaming option. Many users were posting on twitter about how they got an option to upgrade to another plan which offered

  • All the premium featured of the premium plan.
  • Lossless CD quality audio.
  • Exclusive pre-sale concert tickets.
  • Discount on limited edition pieces of vinyl.

Here is a screengrab of the plans which were being offered.

Spotify Premium Plan with Lossless streaming

Here are people on twitter showing the new plan inside their Spotify app, as Spotify was running an A/B test of its pricing strategy for its new plans.

Lossless music refers to uncompressed music. Most modern music streaming platforms use compressed music formats to deliver music as the format from the recording is often large. Lossless music is just the unmodified music from the recording studio.

Tidal on the other hand already offers high-quality lossless music streaming but is priced a little bit higher than that of Spotify. The cheapest plan for Tidal is $9.99 a month but it only streams 320kbps audio, to get the HiFi lossless music, you need to get the $19.99 a month subscription which offers access to 24-bit/96kHz audio music. Spotify, on the other hand, offers 320kbps audio streaming for now at $10 a month.

If you want the HI-FI lossless music feature quickly on Spotify, then they have an idea exchange vote running for it and it has garnered over 21500 votes from users who want this feature, go vote on it and also ask your friends who want the same feature to go vote for it. Also, check out how to change your Spotify profile picture?

What is Spotify Hi-Fi lossless streaming?
Article Name
What is Spotify Hi-Fi lossless streaming?
Learn more about Spotify hifi Lossless music and how it compares to its peers like Tidal, on quality, pricing and others,

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