Credit Card Charged By Facebk? Here’s How to Claim It Back.

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Did you just notice a suspicious charge in your Credit Card or maybe Bank Account Statement that claims it was charged by FACEBK? In your statement, you might have noticed something like facebk virtual goods, facebk irl, facebk ca, or something written as or related to facebook like the ones in the image below and you don’t recognize the charge?

People’s Credit Card and Bank Statements Showing Charge From Facebook.

What Is Facebk On My Bank Statement?

The Charge you are seeing on your statement from Facebook is most likely a charge from Facebook Ads, as it is the only service which Facebook charges money for. If you don’t remember using your card on Facebook for running ads, then it’s pretty likely that your card details were stolen and were used by someone else to commit fraud and fund their Facebook Ads account with your card.

Facebook is a free platform but it is supported by ads. It is estimated that Facebook has around 1.39 Billion monthly active users. To support this mammoth number of users, it needs a good amount of revenue to keep running, which it does from the ads which are being run by advertisers on the platform. It was estimated that Facebook ad revenue was around at 12.47 Billion Dollars in 2014. Around 92% of Digital Marketers use Facebook for advertising, so you can easily imagine even the number of advertisers Facebook has. Handling operations at this major scale and with so many advertisers and users joining their platform every day, it is very easy for scammers and hackers to quickly bypass their security systems and misuse it. It is very much possible that Facebook systems overlooked this and let the payment go through. Now, don’t worry there are multiple solutions that would help you get your money back.

How to Claim a Refund on the Facebook Charge?

There are multiple ways if claiming the money back and filing it as fraud charges.

  • First and Foremost contact your bank or credit card issuer and inform them about the fraud charge on your card or account.
  • Most Banks and Credit Card agencies have online forms for reporting credit card fraud transactions. Just Google your bank name + report fraud or credit card issuer name + report fraud and you should be able to get to the page from where you can report the fraud transaction.
  • If you couldn’t find any online form to report the fraud transaction, then immediately call your bank’s customer helpline and report it to them.
  • Then contact Facebook through this official form, disputing the charge and also informing them about this fraudulent charge. They will take the necessary steps from their end.
  • Then you must have your credit card replaced as it is very clear that your credit card information was stolen, which led to this fraud charge on your card.

There have been multiple claims by other people on lots of consumer forums like this, this, this and this, about these fraudulent charges by scammers on the Facebook platform. There are also many cases reported on many of the subreddits on, like this one.

How to prevent Suspicious Transactions?

In the future, in order to prevent any kind of fraudulent transactions ensure these steps –

  • First and foremost, get your current card canceled by contacting the bank so that no more fraud charges are levied on your account anymore.
  • Opt for Banks and credit card providers who use 3D Secure(which is a 3 domain structure also known as payer authentication and it is a security protocol which helps in preventing fraud online transactions.) Try not to opt for the ones with just 2D transactions, as they are very much less secure and should not be used and are easy bait for hackers and scammers on the internet.
  • Try to avoid using your credit cards on less secure 3rd party websites. If Paypal option is available then opt for that as when you are paying through Paypal, no sensitive payment information is being stored in those 3rd party websites. Your data is only being stored by Paypal, which uses great security measures and is very much a secure platform.
  • If you are from outside of the US, then you should turn of international transactions on your cards and only turn it on when you need to use your card on an international website. This surely helps me in preventing a lot of fraud transaction and also helps me in notifying if my card details have been leaked. When your international transaction option is turned off, then your card issues rejects any international transactions other than from websites in your home country. And your bank also informs you when a transaction is being rejected and from where, so you can safely remove it from that website.
  • Also, another easy way is when you need to use your card for only one time on any website or app, then you should opt for the one – time use cards available through your bank’s net banking website or just use any prepaid debit cards, which are also known as Virtual Credit Cards and they are a massive help in preventing fraud.

There it goes if you follow these steps and stay clear of using your card on spammy third party sites. Follow the all the above precautions are you should be good to go and free from fraud transactions.

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