What is Facebook Jail & How to avoid it?


Facebook has a ton of users, over a billion monthly active users and they need to set guidelines and policies in order to maintain civility. And they have set many policies, guidelines and rules, but if you as a user don’t follow them then your account can get limited or get into the infamous Facebook Jail.

What is Facebook Jail?

Facebook Jail is a metaphor used for the state people’s account are put in when they don’t follow any Facebook policies or guidelines. People will have their account actions limited or restricted by Facebook temporarily or permanently sometimes, for something which they did intentionally or unintentionally.

How to tell if you are in Facebook jail?

When you are put in Facebook Jail or if certain features or actions of your Facebook account gets limited then you will receive a message from Facebook in your support inbox regarding the same. If you did not receive any message but you are unable to perform certain actions from your account like unable to comment on posts or unable to send new friend requests or unable to post in groups, then it is evident that your account has been restricted by Facebook and was put in Facebook jail.

Contact the Facebook support team from the support inbox of your account and let them know of the troubles that you are facing with your account. They might let you know for what reason your account was restricted or put in Facebook jail.

How long does Facebook jail last?

It depends on what rules you had violated, that got you action blocked or into Facebook jail. Accounts are restricted for all sorts for reasons like sending too many friend requests in a short amount of time or posting spam links too many times or spamming groups with spammy advertisements.

Usually bans last from a few hours to over 21 days but sometimes bans can be permanent too. If its a permanent ban then you will be unable to log in to your account and it will be deleted permanently.

How to avoid getting in Facebook Jail?

There are many different things that you should not do while you are Facebook otherwise your account will get restricted. Here are some of them –

  • Don’t send too many Friend Requests – You should avoid sending too many friend requests in a short amount of time otherwise Facebook systems consider your account as a bot. Also, don’t send too many friend requests to people whom you don’t know, this can also get your ability to send friend requests restricted for a few days.
  • Don’t Explicit things – Don’t post images with any nudity or sexual stuff. Facebook does not allow any explicit content on its platform as the Facebook platform is intended for use by the whole family.
  • No Self-Harm or Hate Speech – You shouldn’t post any content depicting self-harm or no content promoting hatred or hate speech towards a particular individual or a group.
  • No Spam – Don’t post any spammy ads or links to spam websites, this can get you easily restricted on Facebook. Also, don’t spam your friend list with links to spammy websites.
  • No Impostering – Don’t pretend or claim to someone else. Always use your real name as your profile name and your real picture as your real profile picture.
  • No Harassing – Don’t harass anyone on the platform and don’t promote hate speech against someone.
  • Don’t send too many messages – Try not to send too many messages in messenger in a short amount of time, especially messages with images or links to spammy websites or don’t send the same exact message to a lot of people which surely will get you restricted from sending messages for a short while.
  • Don’t advertise with your profile – If you want to advertise and promote your business then your Facebook profile is not the tool you should use. Instead, open a Facebook page and then promote and advertise your business using that. Pages are primarily meant for business to use to advertise themselves.
  • Don’t post to many groups – Don’t post the same post in many groups in a short amount of time or don’t post in the same group too many times in a short amount of time.
  • Verify mobile number & email id – Make sure that a mobile number is added to your Facebook account and also it is verified. Also, add and verify your email address to your Facebook account.

Don’t do any of these things and you should be good to go and use your account peacefully on Facebook.

How to get out of Facebook jail?

If you are restricted for a few hours but are able to browse Facebook, then stop doing that activity which got your account restricted. If you are unable to log in and Facebook is asking for proof, then upload the necessary proofs requested by them and your account should be unblocked within a few hours.

What is Facebook Jail & How to avoid it?
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What is Facebook Jail & How to avoid it?
Learn what is Facebook jail, how to know if your account is in Facebook jail, how long does Facebook jail last and how to get out of Facebook jail?

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