How to fix Netflix error code nw-3-6?


Netflix is the best when it comes to online content and they have a massive library of great shows and movies which keep their users engaged all the time. But their apps on gaming consoles and smart TVs surely run into a lot of problems because of network connectivity problems. But these are very superfluous errors which can be rectified quickly. Here is another error code nw-3-6 in Netflix which is also caused by network connectivity problems or network settings misconfiguration.

What is the error code nw-3-6 on Netflix?

A user encounters the error code nw-3-6 in Netflix when there is some anomaly in their network configuration in their device or because of a network connectivity problem Netflix is having troubles connecting to the Netflix service. This error can be easily fixed by performing some checks in your network settings in your device and also on your network hardware.

How to fix Netflix code nw-3-6?

No matter what device you are using to stream from Netflix, it can be a Smart TV or a gaming console like a PlayStation or an Xbox, or a Roku or a Blu-ray player, these solutions apply to all these devices.

Here are the different solutions with which you can try to fix the error code nw-3-6 in Netflix –

1. Restore default network settings

Since the error code nw-3-6 is caused because of a network configuration problem in router network hardware or your streaming device, you need to make sure that all the network settings are set correctly. If you had changed the network settings recently, then go back and change the network settings back to the default settings as set by your ISP.

A lot of times this error code is encountered when the user ad recently changed their DNS server settings in their router or their device, so if you had changed your DNS settings recently then go back and change it back to the default settings as it was. You can also set your DNS to Google’s DNS( or the default one given by your ISP.

2. Turn off VPN or Proxies

Many people use VPNs or proxies to mask their real location and watch content that is blocked in their region, due to copyright restrictions. But to combat, this Netflix blocks the IP addresses of VPNs and presents the users with errors like the error code: m7111-5059 or the Netflix incognito mode error.

So if you are using any VPN or proxy to mask your real location, then disconnect it and then try streaming again.

3. Connect the device directly to the router

Maybe your WIFI signal is not strong and this is causing your internet to be unstable, which in turn is causing speed fluctuations and not letting Netflix function properly. There must be an RJ 45 jack in your device, use that to connect it directly with wires to your router. In this way, there will be no signal fluctuations and your viewing won’t be interrupted.

4. Restart router

Ensure that all wires are connected properly to your router and all the settings are set properly in it. Now give your router a quick restart, unplug it from power for at least a minute and then plug it back in and turn it on and then try again.

5. Restart streaming device

The device in which you are facing the error code nw-3-6, give it a quick restart.

  • Shut it down properly first.
  • Then unplug it from power and keep it unplugged for at least a minute.
  • Plug it back in and turn it on.
  • Now try streaming from Netflix again.

6. Verify DNS settings

Many users have reported that changing their DNS settings back to its default settings or changing them to Google DNS has resolved this problem for them. DNS is just a service which directs your device to the correct servers for the domain name requested but if this system in your device is configured improperly, then it could cause conflicts with Netflix.

Go to the Settings option in your device and change all the DNS options to Automatic or change to Google DNS( and your problem shall be resolved.

How to fix Netflix error code nw-3-6?
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How to fix Netflix error code nw-3-6?
Learn what does error code nw-3-6 in Netflix mean & how to fix the error code nw-3-6?

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