What Is unsecapp.exe? What Should You Do With It?

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What is unsecapp.exe and what is it exactly doing in your machine?

Well, unsecapp.exe is a part of the whole windows ecosystem and is one of the most important programs when two or more computers are communicating with each other. The process in a broader sense is known as “Sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application” which belongs to Microsoft or Avg Technologies. It contributes to the WMI Client interface structure to receive callbacks for client-based applications which are running many different kinds of processes. It was already a part of Windows when you purchased it and booted it for the first time. It did not get installed from anywhere else or any other program.

It should normally be available or located under C:\Windows\System32\
or which we call the System32 folder in layman’s terms.

If you have found it in any other folder,then there is a high possibility of it being a malware or a virus.

what does unsecapp.exe mean


What does unsecapp.exe do?

Well, this program is a legitimate DLL file which is a part of the Windows framework, also developed by Microsoft and it is known as Sick to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application. The explicit role of unsecapp as explained by Microsoft is that is it used to send results back to a client which may not have the permission to be a DCOM service. Unsecapp.exe is relied upon by both of the Scripting and Microsoft .NET System Management namespace and

What is unsecapp.exe in Windows 7 or Vista or 10?

Well, this program comes preinstalled in most of the latest Windows version such as the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 or the latest one, Windows 10.

It is a very important piece of software which is used in some programs installed on your computer to communicate with different computers.

How to Stop, Disable or uninstall


Now see you don’t really need to disable it or remove it because it is not a virus or any kind of a malware. Its just an innocent windows program part of the WMI.

Its full form is the  Universal Sink to Receive Callbacks from Applications. It comes with a .exe extension which means it is an executable file. It is a process found under the System32 folder of your System and it is included in the core functionality of Windows.

If you still want to stop it, then you can open your Task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC together or just find its option by right clicking on your taskbar. After opening your taskbar find the unsecapp.ese program and then press on “End Task” to force stop it. It will be temporarily stopped, it might start again when you reboot your pc

Is unsecapp.exe Harmful or Dangerous?

No, it is not harmful or dangerous because it is manufactured by Microsoft Corporation and it is part of the main framework of the Windows Operating System. If they are found in the following directory then it is a completely safe file. C:\Windows\System32\wbem- This is the original location where the unsecapp.exe file should be found, anywhere else if it is found then you should scan it with your Antivirus Program.

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