How to easily watch deleted YouTube videos?


Anyone who has used the Internet has surely came across YouTube since it is such a massive and famous website. There are billions of videos available related to any topic one can think of. You can learn about anything on YouTube and gain knowledge from it.

But due to running at such a massive scale, YouTube does have some rules and policies on what kind of video can be uploaded and distributed on their platform. And if someone violates these rules then their video gets deleted from the site. Now sometimes we might come across an interesting YouTube video and want to show it to our friends, but when later we try to look it up for them we see that the video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Usually, when videos are deleted from YouTube, we get the following error message when we visit the URL – ‘Video Unavailable, This video has been removed by the uploader’ or ‘This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy’ followed by the name of the policy which was violated.

These error messages are usually displayed when videos are deleted by YouTube

How to watch deleted youtube videos?

First, you need to find the URL of the deleted YouTube video, you can look in your browser history or your watch history on YouTube. If you had liked the video then you can also look in the liked videos playlist in your YouTube account for the URL of the deleted video. Once you have found the link of the deleted Youtube video follow the next steps.

1. Use Wayback Machine or Wayback Machine is an online service which daily archives the many different websites and pages available on the internet. They scour the web and archive the websites it visits and saves them for later use. You can view how websites and page looked like before many years ago.

  • First, open on your web browser.
  • Then enter the link of the deleted YouTube video in the text field and click on the ‘GO’ button.


  • After that, Wayback will search its database,  if that particular link was ever archived and saved by them, then it will display the dates on which the URL was archived.
  • The blue colour filled dates are the days on which that page was archived by Wayback. Click on an older date to view the page the way it looked on that particular day. If no dates are Blue coloured, then it means the link was never archived by Wayback Machine. Bad Luck!


  • After you click on the date the page will open up and you can view the YouTube video easily from within it.

2. Use online downloader

There are many online YouTube video downloaders available, you can use one of them to try downloading the video from Youtube servers.

  • First, open Y2mate or in your browser.
  • Paste the URL in the text field and then click on the download button.


  • If the video is available to download, then download links will appear or else it will display ‘The download link not found.’

3. Check other websites

There are other video streaming websites such as Vimeo and Dailymotion. Check on those websites if that video which has been deleted on YouTube is available on those websites. Also, if you remember the title of the video then search on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, its possible that some user might have beforehand downloaded it from YouTube and uploaded the video on those websites.

Alas if none of the above methods worked out for you, then if you remember the channel which had uploaded the video, try contacting them to get access to that video otherwise you cannot do anything, that video is lost.

How to easily watch deleted YouTube videos?
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How to easily watch deleted YouTube videos?
Check out how to watch deleted YouTube videos, how to find the URL of a deleted video and how to download it.

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