How to get a Facebook top fan badge?


Facebook has been the biggest and the most used social media website for the past few years and almost anyone who has used the internet seems to have used Facebook at least once. They have over a billion monthly active users and they are great at creating a wonderful experience for their users. They have come up with new engagement features known as the Top Fan and Valued Commenter for Facebook page followers.

These titles are available to followers of a Facebook page and appear beside their name in the comment section. ‘Valued Commenter‘ is awarded to those followers who comment often on the posts of the page and ‘Top Fan’ is awarded to those users who are very active on the page.

How to turn on Top Fan Badge in your page?

If you manage a page and want your followers to have the ‘Top Fan’ title and badge, then first you need to make sure that your page meets the following standards –

  1. It should have at least 10000 followers.
  2. It should be more than 28 days old.

First, you need to change the page template from the page settings –

  • Open your page and then click on settings option from the top bar.
  • Then click on the ‘Templates and tabs’ option on the left pane.
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button next and set your page template to ‘Video Page’.

Now you need to turn on the Top Fan Badges setting –

  • Again open your page settings.
  • Now from the options at the left pane, click on ‘Facebook Badges’.
  • Then click next to turn on Top Fan badges.

If you don’t see the option to turn on the Top Fan badges, then it means that your page does not meet the criteria required which we have stated above.

The top fans will now be visible in the community section of your page and the top fans will also have badges beside their names when they comment on your posts. If you want to remove the top fan badge from one of your followers, then you can find the option to do that by clicking on three dots menu option beside their comment or you can also remove the badge from the community tab.

Facebook’s Top Fan Badges

As an administrator of a Facebook page, you cannot award atop fan badges to your users, Facebook will automatically award those to your followers when they have reached that level of interaction. Users need to be active on the page, like, comment and share posts and also watch videos.

How do you become a top fan as a follower?

If you are a follower of a page on Facebook and want to become its top fan then you need to have a high level of interaction with the page. Facebook updates the list of top fans weekly, so you need to be active on the page almost every week to retain your top fan badge once you get it.

You need to like, react and comment on the content posted the page, sharing content from the page also helps and if the page posts videos then watching them also helps increase your chances to get that coveted top fan badge.

Once you get the top fan status awarded to you, your name will be publicly displayed in the community section of the page as a top fan and also whenever you comment on any of the posts of that page, the top fan badge will be visible beside your name.

How to get a Facebook top fan badge?
Article Name
How to get a Facebook top fan badge?
Learn how you can get the top fan badge on your profile or how to turn on the top fan badge for your page followers.

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