{Solved}How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission Error

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We are living in a fast-moving Internet age and in order to ensure that we continue moving at that fast pace, a lot of things have to run and perform operations correctly to make that happen. Unfortunately, we may run into some unfortunate errors sometimes, like this “confirm form resubmission”  or ERR_CACHE_MISS error which many users of Google Chrome are facing.

This is a very serious kind of error which occurs when we are submitting some kind of data through a form and the function the form is using to submit the data is POST. This error has been reported many times on different popular forums such as Superuser, Stackoverflow and Google Product forums. A user on the Superuser forum claims that the module which handles this backward and forward operation is so badly coded that the engineers at Google are afraid to rewrite it from scratch.

This is the resubmission error you must be facing
Or this warning from Chrome

The “confirm form resubmission” error or the “Err_cache_miss” error occurs on multiple websites where you perform actions like:

  • When you are purchasing anything online and after entering your credit card info suddenly your browser shows as “Confirm Form Resubmission”.
  • Filling out a contact us form on a website.
  • Filling out your pieces of information on different kinds of website forms which involves some kind of editing on the database, then you might also see this error.
  • Mostly happens when you submit a form with the method “POST” which then also posts back the same page and when you press enter again from the URL bar, it shows “Confirm Form Resubmission Error”.
  • Sometime even due to some cache errors you might end up adding the thing you want to buy two times in your cart. This error also occurs at this time.

What Is Confirm Form Resubmission?

Confirm Form Resubmission happens if you refresh a page right after you submitted some type of data through a POST action and refreshing the page is causing it to be resubmitted.

It is an error or a misfeature which primarily occurs in the popular web browser Google Chrome,  sending a POST request when submitting a form or pretty much just entering some kind of data to be transferred to a database. Google says that they introduced this feature in their web browser Chrome which automatically makes users avoid duplicating a POST request while entering data in a form on a website.

What Does Confirm Form Resubmission Mean?

What it means is it is an error or more correctly is a misfeature from Google Chrome which appears or prevents users from accidentally reproducing POST actions on data submit forms. A simple example of this would be entering your email address twice while entering it on a website newsletter form or simply buying stuff twice mistakenly while purchasing something online. The error may also appear as ERR_CACHE_MISS sometimes and it can be pretty annoying. Some users claim that this is a security feature from Google and it prevents users from mistakenly purchasing a certain thing twice and saves you money.

A simple example of this error or feature would be, Let’s suppose you are buying a book from an online store and when entering your shipping and billing address on the website form, a POST request is usually sent from your browser to the website and when information is successfully received by the website, it sents a success HTML response. Now if you press the submit button twice and the developers of the website have done a good job, then the odds of ordering the item twice is pretty low but you can’t always trust someone you don’t even know. So here comes the feature “Confirm Form Resubmission”, which will save your money and prevent you from getting charged twice for the same thing. Refer to WPShout for more on this topic.

How To Avoid Confirm Form Resubmission?

Well, there are several ways in which you could prevent this “Confirm Form Resubmission” warning from appearing again. There are different methods if you are a visitor of the website and different methods if you are the developer of the website. Below are a few methods mentioned which we found to be solving the problem for both the types –

For Visitors

If you are a visitor of a website,i.e., you were trying to make a payment on a website or entering your email address on a website form and you came across this warning from Chrome, then these solutions are for you. Try the solutions mentioned below –

Adding a Phraze along with Chrome.exe

If none of the above solutions helped you, then you should try adding this phrase in your target field of the shortcut of Chrome. Here are the steps by which you can add that –

  • Find the Chrome shortcut on your Desktop or home screen.
  • Right-click on the shortcut and click on ‘Properties’.
  • Then in the ‘Target’ field add this phrase without the quotes ‘-disable-prompt-on-repost’, the same way its shown in the image below.
  • Then save it by clicking ‘ok’. Now open Chrome from the new shortcut that has been created.
Enter the phrase like its shown here

After saving the phrase to your shortcut’s target field, your target path should look something like this C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe -disable-prompt-on-repost.

Disable Corrupt and Mal Functioning Extensions

We all like to make our browsing experience much easier and simpler and for that browser, extensions help us a lot. There are millions of extensions just for the Chrome browsers for all kinds of needs for anyone. But sometimes some extension can cause problems with the websites we might be visiting.

So if none of the other solutions did not solve your problem, then head over to your extension manager on your Chrome browser and then one by one remove extensions and try visiting that website or webpage where this prompt was being shown when you performed that particular action which caused the prompt in the first place. And as you remove them one by one, you get to know the extension which was causing error in the first place. Then remove that extension and then install back all the extensions which were not causing any problems and you can continue to keep using them.

Clear Chrome Cache

A lot of times old cache in your browser can also cause this error, as your cache needs to be cleared from time to time so that your browser can properly function. Websites and their codes change from time to time so old cached data might not work right with websites all the time so clearing your browser cache should solve this error for you. Here’s how you can clear cache in your Google Chrome browser –

  • Open your browser settings from among the options from the top right side of your browser.
  • Then click and expand the advanced settings and under the ‘Privacy and security’ section click on the ‘Clear browser data’ option.
  • Then a new window will open up, inside that select the ‘Cached images and files’ option and then click on the ‘Clear data’ button. Done! your Chrome cache is cleared now. Now try visiting and trying to do that payment or whatever irked this annoying error.
Clear your Chrome cache by selecting this option

For Developers

If you were developing a website and this warning or error keeps popping up on Chrome, then below are some working solutions –

Avoid Confirm Form Resubmission In Php

If your website code is in Php then get into your code and look for this specific piece of code, where there is a POST function replace it with a GET function and then try again and see if you again get the ‘Confirm form resubmission‘ prompt or not.

//Remove POST
<form action=”index.php?load=SEARCH” method=” post”> 

Then replace that line of code with this GET function and you will see that you are no more getting this error from Google Chrome.

//Use GET
<form action=”index.php?load=SEARCH” method=” get”>

Another Method Via Php

There is also another peice of code that you could add to your website to avoid the error from presenting itself again. Add these two lines of code at the beginning of your code.

header("Cache-Control: no cache");

When To Use GET or POST Functions?

A user from the famous forum Stackoverflow, claims to have found another solution to this problem. In order for this solution to work, you must have access to the code of the website, or you must be a developer of the website, which you can change the code of. You should try using the GET function instead of the POST function.

Use POST only when you are developing a login form, a contact form, a form which edits database entries, payment form. image uploader or a form with multiple fields which might create a very long URL. You should use GET function for virtually any other form you thing you might be building. You can use GET in performing a search in a search engine or whe performing actions which will occur only once or navigation buttons for navigating.

Disable Confirm Form Resubmission on Firefox

Firefox may also show this error sometimes, as we earlier said that this is a security feature and should not be considered as an error. Anyways to prevent “ERR_CACHE_MISS” from happening again on Firefox, just open up your Firefox settings and then the Privacy & Security tab and clear all your cache. Then restart your Firefox browser and give it a try again, this time you shall not see that error or security feature again.

Hope these solutions helped, if not please let us know in the comments section.

{Solved}How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission Error
Article Name
{Solved}How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission Error
What Does Confirm Form Resubmission Mean and How to avoid it? Facing confirm form resubmission err_cache_miss? Learn to solve this error

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