What does ‘in transit’ status mean?


FedEx or USPS users might have noticed while tracking their delivery a status update alongside the words ‘in transit’. It simply means that your shipment is currently in the delivery network inside some delivery facility or also could be inside some moving vehicle like a large truck or a cargo aeroplane.

Here is an example shipment in which FedEx shows ‘in transit’ status.

It could be in the same status until it is delivered to you, so you need to just wait for the package to arrive. If there are unexpected situations, then it should reach you within the scheduled delivery date or the expected delivery date.

If the status of the package has been in ‘in transit’ and the day for delivery has passed, you should then contact your delivery company’s helplines.

What does 'in transit' status mean?
Article Name
What does 'in transit' status mean?
Check what FedEx means by in 'in transit' status for their shipments. Where is it in transit, in a delivery van or facility?

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