What does FedEx ‘shipment exception’ mean?


There are many different kinds of delivery statuses that FedEx uses to notify its users about the status of their shipments like in transit, shipment exception or delivery exception and many others. Here we explain the ‘shipment exception’ & ‘delivery exception’ status update by FedEx.

What does it mean when FedEx says shipment exception?

FedEx updates the status to ‘shipment exception’ or ‘delivery exception’ when an unexpected situation or event has occurred. Here are some of the situations which could be the reason –

  • Delay in clearing customs.
  • Incorrect address or damage to the label of the shipment.
  • Documentation missing.
  • No one is available to accept the delivery at the delivery location.
  • There could be a holiday in the destination city.
  • There could have been some kind of loss or damage to your package.
  • Weather conditions like rain, tornado, etc can also cause shipment exceptions.



What happens after shipment exception?

Usually, the package might be delivered a bit late or sometimes the delivery person might be able to deliver it to you in time despite the troubles. If there was some kind of damage or the address was incorrect then the package would be returned to the source.

What does FedEx 'shipment exception' mean?
Article Name
What does FedEx 'shipment exception' mean?
What shipment exception FedEx means, also what does delivery exception FedEx mean? What happens after shipment exception?

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