What does ‘package not due for delivery’ mean?


FedEx has weird delivery status updates like in transit or shipment exception hence they require an explanation as to what they mean. Here we are explaining what ‘package not due for delivery means’ or At local FedEx facility Package not due for delivery‘.

What does it mean when FedEx says Package not due for delivery?

It simply means that the package has arrived at your nearby FedEx location but it ain’t due for delivery on that day. The scheduled delivery date is later and hence it is held up in a FedEx facility. But if FedEx has the capacity to deliver on that day instead of it not being the scheduled delivery date, they do deliver, as they did in my case.



There are only two possibilities here, you get your shipment earlier or you get it on the scheduled day. Either way, you cannot do anything to change it and the only thing you can do is wait. If pick up facility is available in your area, then you could try and check if it ready to be picked up by you.

What does 'package not due for delivery' mean?
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What does 'package not due for delivery' mean?
See what package not due for delivery implies for FedEx shipments or At local FedEx facility, package not due for delivery means?

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