PlayStation Consoles: Echoes of Success

Now that retro games are making a rapid comeback, more and more people turn to timeless classics to re-experience and stir sweet nostalgic emotions. And when it comes to stirring emotions, the PlayStation is undoubtedly a leader. Today’s article will remind you how Sony Computer Entertainment took the world of video games by storm and revolutionized the entertainment industry once and for all. We’ll focus on the first three consoles of the PS family, since, according to gamers, they were created at the cusp of the gaming eras and had a particular charm inherent in good old retro consoles.

  • Note that today you don’t need to own a physical PS console to play your favourite games. There are dedicated PS emulators created specifically for running PS titles on third-party devices like your PC or smartphone. With the right emulator and the PS3, PS1, or PS2 games download, you’ll also be able to enjoy the best classics for free!

PlayStation 1


Back in 1994, Sony, the company which was previously known for its achievements in manufacturing consumer electronics, officially released their first console called the PlayStation. Powered by the real-time 3D graphic technology and equipped with the fastest processor in gaming and state-of-the-art CD-ROM drive, the company embarked upon an ambitious quest towards creating a console that was destined to become more than a toy. Not only did Sony manage to break into the new market, but also successfully challenged the competition, reaching one million units in a half-year period. The next challenge would be introducing the new device to the global community. Recognizing the power of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony’s marketing machine hit the event full force in 1995 with an aggressive marketing campaign revolving around the phrase ‘U R not Ready,’ aiming to turn the PS into less of a product and more of a lifestyle.

With a strong lineup of such titles as Parappa the Rapper and Crash Bandicoot, an advanced Dual Shock controller, the PS became one of the best-selling consoles of all time. But it was just the beginning…

PlayStation 2


With the PS rapidly becoming one of the best gaming consoles, Sony Computer Entertainment aimed to create something even more powerful – the PlayStation 2. In tandem with another giant in the consumer electronics landscape, Toshiba, Sony managed to tap into the power of new technology, including the breakthrough in motion engine CPU. Moreover, the new creation of Sony Computer Entertainment included a DVD ROM, which made it possible to play larger, more advanced games, as well as DVD movies.
In 2000, the PS2 was introduced to the public and almost instantly became a massive overnight success, notwithstanding the fact that the first consoles were going for as high as $1000. Stores quickly sold out, and the new console quickly pushed its way to become the best-sold console of all time.
As the PS2 continued to sell, Sony Computer Entertainment continued to support it with exciting techs, including a network adapter, which allowed gamers to play certain games online and an EyeToy, a camera that then connected to the PS 2 and offered an interactive new way for games to be played using motion.
With a massive library with over 10,000 titles and exclusives such as Ico, God of War, Gran Turismo, and More, the PS2 would sell more than 150 million consoles worldwide.

PlayStation 3


After the massive success of both PS1 and PS2, Sony Computer Entertainment officially announced the groundbreaking PlayStation 3 in 2005. The new technology and PS3 helped developers usher in a new era of deeply immersive, high-definition gaming.
The launch of PS3 also brought with it the launch of the PlayStation network, which, in its turn, ushered in a new era of connecting gaming and entertainment for PlayStation fans. The new device was bound for success with a massive library of downloadable titles, cloud storage for game saves, and a rollout of apps such as Netflix, YouTube, NFL Sunday Ticket, and more, as well as PS Plus.
Armed with its innovative technology, motion control gaming experiences, titles such as Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet and its deep online network, the PS3 continues to be the go-to-destination for games and entertainment.

Of course, Sony didn’t stop at that and continued releasing new advanced devices. Still, we can hardly spot any ‘retro’ charm in them. So, if you want to enjoy any of the cult titles ever released for PlayStation consoles, it’s about time you installed an emulator, grabbed some ROM games for it, and started playing!

PlayStation Consoles: Echoes of Success
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PlayStation Consoles: Echoes of Success

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