7 Unexpected James Bond Cars


Agent 007 ran in a lot of cars. But not all of them are charismatic and super-capable sports cars.

The 25th-anniversary instalment of the 007 franchise, No Time To Die, hit theatres a year late due to pandemic-related postponements. All that was left for the bored fans was to study the available information under a microscope. As a result, even non-automobile Bond fans have long known: that in the long-awaited picture, the hero of Daniel Craig will move around in an antique Land Rover Series III SUV. An odd choice for a character whose image is strongly associated with Aston Martin sports cars and a bunch of different-sized BMWs.

Wanting to understand the situation, we remembered most of the parts of the spy franchise and now we cannot hide our surprise. It turns out that the all-powerful agent 007 had to get behind the wheel of such cars that most of us could not even think of. And many probably did not even know about the existence of a couple of them. You will not find these models even in Dubai hiring companies (such as Evolve, for example, providing great rental service, etc.), known for their exclusivity and love for exotic rental cars. And why, if you can rent a Ferrari or Lamba of the latest model. Although Bond fans may not agree here.

Land Rover Defender

As it turns out, Defender and his ideological predecessor, James Bond saddled by no means for the first time. In the 15th film of the franchise called The Sparks from the Eyes (1987), Timothy Dalton’s character drives into the frame in a similar Land Rover Series III. And in the relatively recent “007: Skyfall” (2012), Daniel Craig on the “Def” of the previous generation is chasing the Audi A5 villains around Istanbul.

Sunbeam Alpine

The very first car of James Bond (picture “Dr. No”, 1962) was also a “British” – a convertible Sunbeam Alpine. That’s just it was not a partnership, but the will of chance. Filming of the debut picture took place mainly in Jamaica, and a compact roadster with a 1.5-liter atmospheric “four” under the hood turned out to be the most spectacular and “sporty” vehicle on the island.


Mini Moke

Collaborations between the creators of the film saga and British automakers lie on the surface. However, the choice of models is sometimes discouraging. For example, in the movie Live and Let Die (1973), Sean Connery’s character can be found driving a rare Mini Moke SUV, a car designed by the legendary Alec Issigonis for the British Army. And she was subsequently rejected.

A.M.C. Hornet

Why for the filming of the film “The Man with the Golden Gun” (1974) they chose an ordinary American hatch AMC Hornet history is silent. But it was he who was lucky enough to write his name in the history of the most insane movie stunts: driving a similar car, agent 007 in the person of a stuntman who replaces Roger Moore (themselves confused) flies over a destroyed bridge, performing a spectacular coup over the roof. What is especially valuable: everything was done for real and from the first take.

Lincoln Mark VII LSC

But the big coupe Lincoln Mark VII, starring in the film “License to Kill” (1989), the car is really interesting. Despite the total stylistic resemblance to the Town Car frame sedan, the two-door is based on a load-bearing body. So the chassis is at the very least but still copes with the capabilities of the 225-horsepower V8 5.0 version of the LSC (Luxury Sport Coupe). That’s exactly what Timothy Dalton had as Bond.

Citroen 2CV

The primitive kid “De Shvo” is the exact opposite of “Lincoln” from the previous slide. Yes, and up to a hundred accelerates not in 8 seconds, but only downhill. But this is not accurate either. Nevertheless, the character of Roger Moore in the film “For Your Eyes Only” (1981) is so cool that he easily breaks away behind the wheel of a Citroen from the villains in several Peugeot 504s. By the way, the British themselves consider the 2CV the best Bond car. In second place in the ranking is the Aston Martin DB5.


Renault 11

Roger Moore is the unluckiest 007 agent ever. Not only that, among all the performers of the role, only he did not have a chance to ride an Aston Martin (although the actor starred in as many as seven acts of the film franchise), Renault 11 also fell to his lot – the most anti-charismatic car of all 25 parts. Perhaps it was out of a sense of injustice and annoyance that Roger first tore off the roof of the car, and then broke it in two.

7 Unexpected James Bond Cars
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7 Unexpected James Bond Cars
Agent 007 ran in a lot of cars. But not all of them are charismatic and super-capable sports cars.

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