40+ Synonyms of “In Other Words”


A Synonym can be defined as a word or a phrase which means exactly or almost nearly the same as another word or a phrase in the same language. For example, superfluous is a synonym of surplus or redundant.

Here are the synonyms of ‘In other words’ phrase –

  1. reword
  2. especially
  3. particularly
  4. i.e.
  5. specially
  6. specifically
  7. simply put
  8. put differently
  9. namely
  10. that is to say
  11. that is
  12. in other quarters
  13. otherwise speaking
  14. to rephrase it
  15. scilicet
  16. as an alternative
  17. to put it briefly
  18. stated differently
  19. thus
  20. cut a long story short
  21. to be specific
  22. you might also say
  23. after all
  24. by extension
  25. as a matter of fact
  26. viz
  27. to give an example
  28. like
  29. that is to say
  30. to be specific
  31. in a nutshell
  32. in other words
  33. otherwise stated
  34. alternatively stated
  35. this means
  36. put it differently
  37. in essence
  38. this means that
  39. it means
  40. to put the matter another way
  41. in sum
  42. put it briefly
  43. in simple words
  44. said otherwise
40+ Synonyms of
Article Name
40+ Synonyms of "In Other Words"
Synonyms of 'in other words' reword, especially, particularly, i.e. especially, specifically, simply put, put differently, namely, that is to say.

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