4k Stogram Review – Instagram Bulk Image Downloader

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Many users are always wondering how can they download their own or their favourite celebrities Instagram photos in their local machine. Well, we have a solution for you and 4k Stogram works wonderfully. This app even works for downloading pictures of private accounts if you are already following them and willing to sign in into this application with your account.  4k Stogram is the perfect application for all your bulk Instagram downloading needs. This app is available for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu and also comes with multilingual support of up to 13 languages. This application makes it a lot easier for us to bulk download images and videos from Instagram or just to simply backup our Instagram photos and videos onto our local machine. What follows is an awesome review of this amazing application for Instagram downloaders.

You can just enter a username and all of the user’s photos, videos, stories and highlights will be downloaded, or you could just enter a hashtag and all the posts with that hashtag will be downloaded onto your computer or laptop. This really is one of the easiest tools to use for bulk downloading pictures from Instagram.

4k Stogram gives us an awesome way to download many profiles at once and have offline access to them which gives us a quick and immersive photo viewing experience on our devices as the photos are already downloaded onto our devices.


This app is available for free with PC, Linux and Mac. It has a freemium model and primarily comes as a free version but with limitations. You can easily download the latest free version from here.  After Downloading the Setup, install it and then open the app.

You will be presented with the app and you can enter the username of the user you want to download all pictures and videos or also you can add hashtags and download all images with that hashtag. Also, another interesting way to download images are by the locations they are tagged with. 4k Stogram has the feature of downloading images according to their location tags.

Enter your Username here.

How to Download Instagram Photos with 4k Stogram?

As said earlier, we can download images and videos in three ways –

  • By entering a Username.
  • By entering a Hashtag.
  • By Entering a certain Location to download all photos tagged with it.

You can also download stories of a user using this app but in order to use that you have to sign in into the app with your Instagram account. In order to sign in into your account, goto to tools and click on preferences. A new dialog box will open up and at the bottom, you can find the place to enter your username and password.



You can now enter your credentials to log in and then this app will start pulling in whatever you want it to. Now you can also download the pictures of the private accounts that you specifically follow from your account and also their stories and the story highlights. This app is by far the best way to bulk download images of Instagram very quickly.

Features of 4k Stogram

There are a lot of pleasing features of this app which are luring in many users every day. Some of the most significant features of this app are as follows:-

  • Download Private Account’s Photos and Videos – This is probably the only app which let you download the photos and stories of private user account but the ones whom you actually follow.
  • Bulk Download Videos – You can easily bulk download videos from Instagram in mp4 formats.
  • Backup You Full Account – You can easily backup your Instagram account onto your local machine with just a few easy clicks.
  • Export-Import – 4K Stogram has also a perky feature which allows us, users, to export and import our subscriptions, which means the accounts, the locations and the hashtags we are subscribed to.
  • Cross-Platform Support – Supports Mac, Windows and Ubuntu.

There is also a premium version of this app available which you can purchase for 9.95$ as a one-time fee for use in three computers. Pretty Cheap isn’t it? and it also gets the job done well. With the premium version, you will get unlimited posts, stories and private users posts download. Also, no ads and you can subscribe to unlimited accounts and future updates are included in this 9.95$ price. The offering is pretty good and worth your money. We have been using this app for a while and we really like it and we think you should definitely get it, for your bulk Instagram photo downloading needs.

4k Stogram Review - Instagram Bulk Image Downloader
Article Name
4k Stogram Review - Instagram Bulk Image Downloader
4kStogram Instagram photo downloader review and its usage and features described.

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