How to fix when qBittorrent is stalled?

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qBittorrent is an open-source Bittorent client which is free to use. It was founded way back in 2006 and is currently maintained by contributors from all around the world. qBittorrent does not have any ads and also runs faster which makes it an attractive choice over Bittorrent & µTorrent which are filled with ads and often slow down systems. It’s sleek and simple to use and uses very fewer resources compared to other torrent downloaders, which is why it is so famous amongst users.

But even this has some flaws, like this one we have today when it just stops downloading and displays stalled error message instead of downloading. Sometimes users face the stalled error right after adding the torrent or sometimes after a few minutes of downloading the stalled error code appears.

What does stalled mean in qBittorrent?

The error code ‘stalled’ is used as a generic user code for a variety of errors, which is why it is so confusing to determine what exactly causes this error. The primary reason for qBittorrent stalled error can be attributed to the non-availability of seeders.

Seeders are people who have completely downloaded the torrent data and are sharing it by uploading or seeding it for other people(leechers) who are downloading it. When no seeders are available to connect then nothing can be downloaded, so this is when qbittorrent displays the torrent stalled error.

The torrent stalled error will also display for a multitude of reasons like when your disk space is full or your settings are misconfigured or a firewall or an antivirus is blocking qBittorrent from accessing certain ports.


How to fix qBittorrent stalled?

As we mentioned earlier there are many different reasons which could cause this stalled error, so here are some of the solutions which seem to be working for people –

1. Restart the app

Many users suggest that a simple restart of the qBittorrent app will fix the torrent stalled problem for you. So go ahead quit the app from the notification tray to completely close and end its process, then wait a few seconds and again open the qBittorrent app.

2. Force resume

For me, almost every time, just when I click on the force resume option the torrent resumes downloading. If your torrent is stalled, right-click on it and then click on the ‘Force Resume’ option and your torrent should resume downloading again.


3. Disk is full

Its quite possible that the disk to which you are downloading the torrent, it might be full or might not have enough space left to store the entire contents of the torrent, hence qbittorrent shows the stalled error.

Change the download location, by right-clicking and selecting the ‘Set location’ option and then select the alternative location where you want to download the torrent. Or you could clear out that disk by deleting redundant data while making space for the torrent to download.

4. No seeders available

Users primarily get the stalled error when there are no seeders available for the torrent and only leechers are available. Seeders are people who have downloaded the whole torrent and are currently uploading it for other people(leechers) who are downloading it.

So try with another torrent client like BitTorrent or µTorrent and check if seeders are available inside those applications. If there are a very few numbers of seeders available then it would be hard to connect to them, you can always check the number of available seeders in the peers tab, If some seeders are available then try restarting the qbittorrent app and then try again by using the force resume option.

5. Reconfigure settings

There are a few settings in the qbittorrent app which you would like to reconfigure. First, open up the settings by clicking on the ‘Options’ option from under the ‘Tools’ option at the top toolbar and then follow along.

  • Go to the BitTorrent option and uncheck the torrent queuing option. This will prevent the app from any limitations on the max number of active torrent or max torrents it can upload at a certain time.


  • Then click on the ‘Connection’ option and increase the number of all 4 options under the ‘Connections limits’ section substantially or just uncheck those to remove any limit at all.


  • If you have a VPN on, then go to the ‘Advanced’ settings and select the correct ‘Network Interface’.


  • Next again go to the ‘Connection’ tab and uncheck the option ‘Use UPnP/NAT-PMP port forwarding for my router’.


  • After changing all these settings, click on the OK button below and save the settings. Now restart the app and resume downloading your torrent.

6. Perform a clean reinstall

Delete all data related to the qbittorrent app like saved preferences, saved torrents and downloaded torrent data. Then uninstall it and perform a clean install of the app. You can use IObit Uninstaller for delete all saved data of an app while uninstalling it. Your torrent should download normally now.

7. Check Firewall & Antivirus

Most of us have our Windows Firewall running to protect us from pitfalls but sometimes it can block some software like qBitTorrent from connecting to the internet or from accessing a few ports. So go to your Firewall settings from the Start menu and click on the option ‘Allow apps to communicate through Windows Defender Firewall.’. In that list look for the qbittorrent app and allow both private and public connections for it.

Also, if you have an anti-virus protecting your system, you might want to disable it for a few mins and then try force resuming the same torrent or restart the qbittorrent app and then download the torrent again. It should work normally when the anti-virus is disabled.

8. Some other solutions

  • Update the app to the latest version, as its quite possible that the version which you are using contains bugs, which are causing the stalled error for you. If you are on the latest version and still facing this problem, then open a new issue in the issues section of the GitHub under the qbittorent project.
  • If you resumed the torrent, from an earlier pause from a different location, then it could be the case that the program is unable to locate the files and you will have right click on the torrent and then select the ‘Set location’ option and set the correct location of the torrent stored files.
How to fix when qBittorrent is stalled?
Article Name
How to fix when qBittorrent is stalled?
Are the torrents not downloading in your qBittorrent app and are always stalled? Learn here how to fix when torrents in qBittorent are stalled.

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12 thoughts on “How to fix when qBittorrent is stalled?”

  1. Hi there, what I just tried was not part of your how-to so I put it here for future fellow interners :

    Check that the tracker url is up to date :
    – Select the stalled file
    – Go to the tracker tab
    – right click on the “not responding” line and click on edit tracker
    – find out what url is the correct one (it is stated on your torrent community site)
    – replace with the correct url

    It worked for me

  2. Hey! Thanks for the help. I had updated qBittorrent and it no longer was downloading. I was frustrated trying all kinds of config changes but your article did the trick. I just followed your directions on Options settings and … it works!


  3. On Windows, none of the above tricks worked, but what worked was remove the torrent and add it again.
    Just adding it on top didn’t make a difference, but deleting the torrent from the list, without deleting data, and then adding the torrent again resumed downloading correctly.

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