What is a WEBP file & how to open it?

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WebP is a new age image format created by Google for use in web graphics, and it has qualities of both jpg and png files. It was first introduced as a new image format in 2009. Google intends to reduce byte sizes (by reducing image sizes), allowing web site loading faster than before.

WebP is meant to replace jpg and png file formats on websites and consists of features from both formats. WebP image files have a much smaller file size and don’t seem to lose any quality, and it supports both lossless and lossy compression.

Google says that Webp image files are usually 26% smaller than PNG files and 25-34% smaller than similar JPEG files. Lossy webP also supports transparency, so it becomes 3x smaller the size of an equivalent png file. In contrast, webP with lossless compression supports transparency but with only 22% more file size.

Most modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge & Opera Mini have webP support tracked here by caniuse.com.

How to open a WebP file?

Most modern image viewers and web browsers support the WebP format, and here are the different apps that can open webP files –


Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera Mini & Firefox support the file format. Adobe Photoshop also endows it with a webP plugin and Picasa by Google, an image viewer discontinued long but still works well.


Same for macOS, the popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera Mini support the file format. The image viewer Google Picasa that has been discontinued still works, and Pixea, the popular image viewer for macOS, works well with the webP file format. Adobe Photoshop also works with the webP plugin.


Google Chrome, Firefox & Opera Mini, the popular web browsers, also support the webp codec in the Linux versions. XnViewMP, the popular image organizer and viewer, works well with webP files.

For android, users can use apps such as Google Photos or OneDrive Photos; both have viewers who support webP files.

Can Windows open WebP files?

Yes, Windows definitely can open WebP files, as we mentioned above, and some of the programs which support WebP image files are

How to download a WebP file as a JPEG?

If you are on Windows, first download the file, open it in MS Paint and then use the save as function to keep it as a jpg image file.

For other operating systems, you can use an online jpg converter such as CloudConvert.

Can WebP files have viruses?

Usually, WebP files only contain compressed images like jpg & png file formats and nothing else, but there could be some exploit or bug in the WebP codec that allows hackers to attack your computer.

So if the WebP file came from an unknown source, it’s best to scan it with an antivirus.

Can you open a WebP file in MS Paint?

Yes, you can open a WebP file with MS Paint. Using the save as function, you can also use Paint to convert the WebP files into jpg/jpeg, png or some other image format.

How to download a WebP file?

You can download a webP file the usual way you would download any other file or image; you can just right and save the image.

Can photoshop open WebP files?

Yes, Adobe Photoshop can open webP files with the help of a plugin called WebPShop. It is free to use and open-source can be found on Github.

What is a WEBP file & how to open it?
Article Name
What is a WEBP file & how to open it?
WebP is an image file format created by Google which produces much smaller file sizes while maintaining the same. quality as similar jpeg & png files.

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