How to change admin password on Windows 10 without disk?

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With digital gadgets in every hand, it is advised by the experts to lock the device with a strong password. Same is the case with computers that are vulnerable to malicious attacks, and one should change admin password Windows 10 regularly. This, at times, can cause severe troubles if the password is forgotten, and you are unable to access your system.

In such circumstances, Windows 10 disk is helpful to gain back the access, but do not worry if you do not have the disk. The article below discusses the ways through which you can reset your Windows 10 password or create a new admin password directly.

Method 1: Using CMD to change admin password windows 10 if forgot without disk (a bit difficult)

Command Prompt or CMD is the pre-designed program in the Operating System from where the user can execute commands of administrative permission. The method is a bit difficult, especially for those who are using it for the first time. It involves textual commands in a specific order, and a slight mistake can severely damage the internal settings. So while in the process you need to be extra careful.

  • Restart your computer and boot it with Windows 10 installation disk.
  • After your system boots up; open the CMD screen by pressing the “SHIFT” key and “F10” key together.
  • Copy the commands in the Command Prompt window, exactly as shown in the given image and hit the “Enter” key to execute them. It will replace the Utility manager with command prompt. Here “d” is the OS drive.

type the command to change utility manager with CMD

  • Take out the Windows installation disk and reboot the computer using the Power button.
  • The computer restarts to the Windows Sign-in page. Hit the “Utility Manager” icon that will open the CMD window.
  • Type the command as shown below, which will let you create a new admin account.“net user/ add”“net localgroup administrator/ add”

new admin account created

  • By applying the above commands a new administrator account will be created on your computer.

Restart your computer and sign-in with the new admin account, from where you can easily change Windows 10 admin password via the ‘Control Panel’.

Method 2: Using change admin password windows 10 if forgot without disk (easy but cost)

An easy and reliable way to reset the admin password in Windows 10 is using Windows Password Recovery. It is capable of performing multiple functions including Windows 10 admin password recovery without disk.

The admin account password is an important key to access most of the features on the computer. Hack administrator password in windows 10 using CMD is workable but is a challenging and risky job. But the software is safe & secure to use that has a user-friendly interface which is comfortable to use with quick performance.

Here are the critical features of the tool along-with a detailed guide to reset forgotten password without disk.


  • Reset or remove Windows Admin/ User Account passwords, or Domain Administrator/ Microsoft Account passwords.
  • It can also be assisted in creating Local Admin or Domain Admin Accounts.
  • It is compatible with all the Windows version including Windows 10, and Windows Server, or Raid computers.
  • The reset disk can be made on USB or CD/DVD drive.

Steps To Use

There are many more features available that can be of use to you. But if you want to check its operation, then follow the steps below –

  • After installing the tool, launch the program and get a USB/CD/DVD drive to create the reset disk.

Choose Media Type To Burn Disk

  •  Insert the chosen disk in the computer and hit the appropriate button on the software panel.

Begin Burning USB Password Reset Disc

  • Click the “Begin Burning” button on the next page to create a password reset disk.
  • After the disk burning finishes, remove it and insert it into the target computer.
  • Restart the computer and reboot it from the reset disk by pressing the appropriate boot key.

Boot Menu

  • Select your password reset disk in the boot menu.
  • As the system boots up, the software launches on the screen. Select the account from the list to reset forgotten admin password Windows 10.

Reset Password With Software

  • Click the “Reset Password” button followed by “Reboot” button.

Your PC will restart in a few seconds, it will remove the admin account password. Now you can log-in directly to the respective account and create another password from the Control Panel.


The Administrator Account is the primary Account in Windows 10 Operating System, and this is why users prefer to secure it with a difficult password that is hard to guess and easy to forget. And if you forget Windows 10 password, it is advised to apply an authentic method that can pave comfortable and safe access.

The CMD method is free to use but is difficult to apply as it involves a lot of textual commands. Windows Password Recovery is an alternate solution, which is a third-party tool to change admin password windows 10. Although being a paid tool but is worth to apply as it is credible in performance and easy to use with a guaranteed solution.

How to change admin password on Windows 10 without disk?
Article Name
How to change admin password on Windows 10 without disk?
Are you worried because you forgot Windows password? Find below the best solution to change admin password Windows 10 without disk.

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