All Bsnl Ussd Codes Of 2019

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Bsnl or otherwise known as Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is a government-owned telecom sector entity. It is owned by the Indian Government and it has its headquarters in New Delhi. It is one of the oldest telecom companies in India and its existence can be traced back to the British Raj era of India. During that time Bsnl had established the first telegraph line in India between Kolkata and Diamond Harbour and later were spread across the country. BSNL was eventually converted into a state-owned telecom business with the creation of the Department of telecom in India in 1990. BSNL has officially stopped their telegraph services on July 15th,2013.
BSNL Office bajirao road

BSNL Mobile is the mobile arm of the state-owned telecom company. They provide both prepaid and postpaid services similar to all the major telecom network providers in India. BSNL has over 113.789 million subscribers as on 30th November 2018 as indicated in this Wikipedia article..

What are USSD Codes?
The full form of USSD codes is as follows Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, also sometimes referred to as Quick Codes or feature Codes. These are pretty popular among GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the network servers, for doing transactions and all sorts of different types of things. The messages can be up to 182 alphanumeric characters long and they are instant messages which can be sent from a phone to the servers for quick instant reply. People use USSD messaging to check their account balances and often for a different array of things like setting a caller-tune or buying a mobile plan through the instant messaging service.


Number DetailsUSSD Number
Balance Check*123#
Internet Balance Check*124#
Bsnl Plan Change*124#
Another Number for Internet Balance Check*123*5#
BSNL Value Added Services(VAS) Deactivation *777#
Bsnl SIM Mobile Number Check *222# OR *555# OR *1# OR *785# OR *888#
BSNL Current Call Rate and Plan Voucher Check Code
BSNL Tariff plan Check USSD Codes
BSNL Postpaid Balance Enquiry USSD Codes*124*1#
BSNL Last Call USSD Codes
BSNL All STV Balance Enquiry detail Check Code
BSNL Customer Care Number1503
BSNL USSD base VAS Services
BSNL Last call/SMS/GPRS enquiry
BSNL Credit Talk Time Loan *518#
BSNL Recharge Paper Coupon Code *123*2*#
BSNL USSD Code to Check Balance & Validity 2G Net Balance*123*10#
USSD code for GPRS/3G data (BSNL Balance Check)*112#
Bsnl USSD Code to know about STV*124# and proceed to 7
Bsnl USSD Code to Check Detail about FNF *124# and proceed to 6
Bsnl USSD Code to Check Detail about STV*124# and proceed to 5

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